As Accenture’s CIO, it will be no surprise to you that I’m super excited by technology. And it’s certainly shown its value lately. Along with many other global organizations, our response to protecting our people during the COVID-19 pandemic has been swift and successful, thanks to powerful technology support. Fortunately, Accenture has invested in IT technologies, infrastructure and a collaborative culture for many years which meant we could act fast to operate in a COVID-19 world. And we’ve not only enabled our people to work from home, safely and efficiently, but also we’ve been able to help many of our clients do the same so that we can all outmaneuver uncertainty in the future.

The reason we could move fast and securely to maintain business continuity was that our path to embracing the digital worker started a long time ago. It is part our path to “the New” which has seen us deliver exceptional experiences for our global IT team, our broader Accenture businesses and our clients.

Technology is both the foundation and driving force behind our digital worker journey. As an organization with more than half a million employees, we’re talking big numbers when it comes to the technology that runs our business. Let me share a few of those numbers with you—we’ve deployed 492,000 workstations, enrolled 271,000 smartphones and tablets and have 448,000 active users on Microsoft Teams running 900 million audio minutes and 90 million video minutes a month. As you can see, we’re not shy of scaling the solutions we need!

Cloud as a beacon

In particular, cloud is essential to our digital enterprise strategy—95 percent of Accenture applications are in the cloud and supported by the platform economy. Our cloud usage means we can not only run 978 gigabytes of network capacity but also accommodate 367 terabytes of enterprise data. It has opened the door to the intelligent enterprise and enables us to draw on the best of human+machine capabilities.

One of the ways we are using technology effectively is in creating an omni-channel experience that breaks down corporate silos. We wanted to “cut through the noise” of daily requests that place demands on our people’s time. From taking the latest training course, to providing performance feedback or submitting expense receipts, we decided to shift to employee-centric experiences enabled by technology. In this way, our people could be freed up to focus their energies on delivering to our clients.

Be resilient in uncertainty

Here’s how you can use technology to emerge stronger:

  • Invest in the right infrastructure and tools: Put cloud first, equip your people to do the job, wherever that is, and collaborate using the best tools.
  • Adopt a clear strategy with a security-first approach: Embrace a digital worker strategy and take safety and security seriously.
  • Use technologies that add value: Create innovative apps, share value-add analytics, scale to meet business demands and support your people—how and when they need you


Going forward, our organization will continue to focus on people and priorities and fully using technology to realize our goals. What is more, we now have experience in what it takes to respond and succeed during a global pandemic—especially handling remote working issues, before during and after—and we want to share those learnings with as many clients as possible so their organizations and people emerge stronger. Stay safe and make the best of your tech.

Penelope Prett

Chief Information Officer

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