I hope by now that you’ve had a chance to listen in to a few of the fascinating conversations I’ve been having with my global IT colleagues around technology-powered business transformation. I like the way the scope of what we do is so broad that one day I can be talking about machine learning and the next it’s about how technology is making a difference in our deep-rooted inclusion and diversity program.

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I’d like to give you a snapshot here of three conversations in my podcast series recorded recently that I think might interest you. The topics—automation, applied intelligence and accessibility—all showcase the powerful effect of how we bring together technology and human ingenuity to create and respond to change.

According to Rahul Maheshwari, it’s imperative to cultivate an automation mindset—and not forget change management—when it comes to how we deliver IT. Rahul and Rich Palumbo, members of our global IT organization’s Intelligent Technology Operations team, talked me through some of the ways we are using automation to help our teams be completely self-sufficient. Automation can help us be more agile, secure from the start and improve quality (restoring our services and having fewer change failures). Listen to this podcast to learn more about how we’re focused on three stages of automation and the gains we’ve made.

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I’m excited by the subject matter of another conversation—applied intelligence. It’s a great example of how our technology and our people come together to solve problems that transform how we work. I spoke to Mark Martynus and Mark Dineen, who represent the applied intelligence technology and delivery teams respectively, and they shared with me how we use artificial intelligence (AI), automation and analytics to provide insights that empower our leaders to make data-driven decisions. Find out how the two Marks are bringing analytics to where you are already hanging out.

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Last, but by no means least, I invite you listen to my podcast on the important topic of accessibility. Margaret Smith, who leads Geographic Services for Accenture, and Melissa Summers, who leads Corporate Technology in global IT organization, talked about how Accenture is supporting accessible systems and spaces today and tomorrow. We want to use technology to bridge the divide for people with disabilities, removing the barriers to using technology in all sorts of ways—such as using devices with a screen reader or without a mouse. We also look at the spaces we use, setting up accessibility centers that are helping people with disabilities in Manila, China, India, Malaysia and Japan. Hear how Margaret and Melissa are working hard to have all our employees take accessibility into account and how we’re making all our new process and technology solutions to be accessible.

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There’s great work all round here—I couldn’t be more proud of these teams and the work they do. I invite you to listen to all the latest episodes of our podcast series. And look out for more to come. Stay tuned!

Penelope Prett

Chief Information, Data & Analytics Officer

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