As Accenture applies the New now in pivoting our IT posture to digital, video and broadcast communications have become an important part of our transformation with our more than 460,000 employees around the world in ways no other communications tools can match.

Our communications capabilities today range from daily use of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams to do-it-yourself video creation to in-house, professional video studios to television-style broadcast productions through Accenture Productions. On average, every month, company-wide our people view over 2 million hours of video and our productions team in Chicago, Bengaluru, and Prague produce more than 300 productions on average a month.  

We are tremendously excited about our digital approach. Our video communications enable a new and personal and authentic way to work with colleagues we aren’t in the same office as they. And it’s how our tech-savvy, time-pressed employees expect to receive communications and collaborate with other Accenture colleagues across the world.

Here’s a look at how we make it happen:

I share a look at our capabilities with you to show what is possible within your organization. We didn’t get to where we are overnight. For more than a decade, our internal IT organization has been transforming Accenture’s investment in hundreds of Telepresence and video conference rooms into a global network or studios. The good news is that tools are available on the market today to enable your organization to leapfrog the involved steps we had to take and to start simply and quickly. It is definitely an exciting time in this space.

Jason Warnke

Senior Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experiences Lead

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