Accenture’s digital transformation has fundamentally reshaped our enterprise. Client account teams have gained speed, efficiency, and agility, propelling us into a time of new growth and profitability. It has been incredible to witness this transformation. Even better, I was lucky enough to lead a team that implemented our digital business services vision, which was central to Accenture’s overall digital strategy. As we continue to move ahead, it is worth looking back at the journey we’ve been on over the past few years.

When we started, we knew we had our work cut out. Accenture was growing at hyper-speed, which resulted in siloed environments, multiple (and not always compatible) platforms, and unnecessary redundancies. The bigger we became, the greater the cost of operating without online, end-to-end processes and reporting.

Reshaping our core business processes would prove to be an enormous challenge, not only because of the complexity of the enterprise, but because there were times when the goal seemed hard to define. Following a carefully crafted road map, we tackled five key applications in priority order, starting with contract revenue management, then followed by sales, reporting, pricing, and forecasting. We systematically built out these discrete but interconnected platforms, always striving for integration and automation as we went. This brought agility and cohesion, while allowing us to benefit from more accurate insights. The result is a digital enterprise that is adaptable, boundaryless, and radically human, running on Future Systems that are pervasive, strategically agile, and capable of scaling innovation repeatedly. Today, Accenture teams are producing client billing invoices in minutes rather than days and deals that previously required weeks to approve can now close much faster, accelerating our sales revenue cycle.

Each step in our journey presented considerable challenges, and we overcame them all. We can look back on our work to date with justifiable satisfaction. I am very grateful to all my colleagues who have worked so hard to make our journey successful thus far.

But the work continues, and now we begin the next transformation: harnessing the full power of digitization while harvesting its optimum value. The Manage myBusiness platform is already making data widely available across client teams and portfolio leadership, with a suite of diagnostics increasingly powered by AI. Client Business Projection integrates across Manage myBusiness, Manage mySales and Manage myEngagements to drive smarter predictive forecasting. I look around today and am astounded to see where we are and what lies ahead. Working in an enterprise that is more integrated, and more agile, we are harnessing the capabilities and power that comes with digitization, bringing new insights and greater value to Accenture and to our clients.

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Shane Marshall

Managing Director – Global IT, Client and Market Technology

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