You probably still remember something of your show and tell (or show and share) sessions from school. Even with the nervous excitement of “your turn”, it was a powerful change of scene from listening to the teacher—and often insightful in terms of what you found out from, and about, your classmates.

With the acceleration of social media, showing and sharing is extremely popular—and, from celebrities to the C-suite, video has become a medium of choice to do it. As a global organization with an active “digital worker” program, Accenture was keen to put video capabilities in the hands of our people. In particular, our leaders have readily embraced video communications and use them extensively, internally and externally. It’s a process that has been made easier as a result of a strong, supportive infrastructure around video production and engagement.

I’d like to share with you just two of the ways that we have helped to encourage a video-first communications culture.

Accenture Productions

Our global IT team transformed Accenture’s video conference rooms into a network of studios that we now use to unleash the next level of video and broadcast creativity worldwide. Today, we have an in-house, fully equipped organization known as Accenture Productions with a team that manages video and broadcast productions, such as Accenture leadership broadcasts, our participation at the World Economic Forum, virtual leadership meetings, town halls, learning sessions and corporate function webcasts. Take a look at our video of Accenture Productions in action.

Accenture Productions in action
Today, demand is high for broadcast and video. Take a look at how Accenture Productions puts its creativity on display. View Transcript

Accenture Productions creates live shows and recorded productions using broadcast studio capabilities for production, content creation, customization and multimedia editing. And in a post-COVID-19 world, it is reassuring to know that the team can operate remotely, without a presence in a physical studio, when and as needed, around the world using our more 22 global studios to provide impressive support.

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Accenture Media Exchange

With this increase in demand for video creation, our global IT organization wanted to provide effective and affordable capabilities, as well as captioning functionality to make videos more accessible for all employees. Naturally, we needed to address mobility because our people want to watch video outside the office, on the go and on their mobile devices. To do so, we moved from an in-house built video solution that stored and managed the company’s videos to a vendor solution that provides enterprise capability and operates as software-as-a-service (SaaS) via the cloud. The video platform, called Accenture Media Exchange, offers video-creation tools, enterprise-grade scalability and competitive pricing.

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Today, the Accenture Media Exchange is one of our most popular communication channels that fully complements our broadcast capabilities. And we work with the video platform vendor on an ongoing basis to evaluate new video technology solutions, sometimes working with partners to provide input on enterprise requirements and integrations, such as serving the growing interest in virtual classroom capabilities. We now have more than 280,000 videos on the Media Exchange, with many of our people actively engaging with content each month.


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Video-enabled workforce

Broadcast channels and video development are just some of the ways we help to equip our modern, agile workforce with the right tools to engage, inform and collaborate with each other and our clients. Accenture has already become the world’s largest user of Microsoft Teams, with 500,000 active users in Teams generating 611 million chat messages, 935 million minutes of audio calls and conferences and 76 million minutes of video conferences each month.

Think about creating your own video capabilities for the next time you want to show and tell. Talk to us about how to enable your workforce to take advantage of video capabilities—quickly, easily and cost effectively. There’s a certain authenticity from video and a human connection that you just can’t get from an e-mail—and you can be sure it’s going to impress more than your former classmates.

Jason Warnke

Senior Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experiences Lead

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