We all want to do what’s best for our organizations. And when it comes to Global IT operations, with the exponential growth in tech innovation, we have a lot of options to enhance how we run. A chance to introduce new tech that helps our employees to work faster and smarter. The potential to standardize our systems and ways of working so that dealing with third parties is easier and more efficient. Or we can simply make sure we focus on the fundamentals—like keeping the lights on so that we are consistently delivering “on our best day.”

As part of the Accenture Global IT organization, I’m enjoying some of the thoughts and insights that our leaders have been sharing recently on LinkedIn on the tech topics of the day.  I thought it might be helpful to summarize what we’ve talked about as we describe our own milestones along our path to embrace digital and transform the business. 

Here’s a sample of what you may have missed from my colleagues in the last couple of months—and I hope you’ll excuse me for including a mention of my own post on a subject close to my heart:

  • Eli Lambert celebrates our win of the SAP Innovation Award—Digital Trailblazer as a result of a collaboration between use here at CIO and our Procurement Plus organization. Globally, we transformed the buying process for our people using SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing—and saved ourselves US$20 million annually into the bargain. And we didn’t achieve this through people power alone. You can discover how a human + machine approach helped us achieve our mission.

  • Patrick Engelking lets us know how we can all “know more, see more and save more” in our businesses by making sure that we make the right information accessible online and in real time. By giving our teams rapid and continuous understanding of both client and portfolio performance, they could make better sales and commercial decisions that would drive growth for the whole business. Find out why we designed our own information platform, Manage myBusiness—and how it is helping to unlock post-digital value.
  • My own post offers some helpful insights into the ways you can work with Microsoft Teams to elevate productivity and efficiency to new heights. Accenture has some impressive Teams statistics—we run 351,000 active teams, with 500,000 active users, 552 million chat messages a month and clock up 95 million video minutes per month. But we’re not standing still with Teams by using it simply as a communications tool. Take a look at how Teams is helping us handle the future of work.

These are just some of the ways that Accenture is tackling our Global IT business to make the best of new and emerging technologies across the company. And it’s always helpful to see who’s pushing the boundaries of tech and how.  Feel free to contact me with your own experiences and ideas. Or visit our blog page again for further snapshots of our thinking on tech transformation.

Jason Warnke

Senior Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experiences Lead

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