Our global IT organization is always pursuing the possibilities of technology that hold the potential to create new ways of working and deliver new value. Intelligent automation in our own IT operations is one of those and an area we have been actively developing the past several years. In recent months, we have made strides in the emerging domain of touchless operations.

Lit up field

We define touchless operations automation as the combination of intelligent insights and machine learning (AI/ML), supported by end-to-end automation architecture and orchestration frameworks, applied at the enterprise-level. These are frameworks that can plug and play an application/business-specific automation, using machine-enabled decisions and self-healing capabilities that enable auto resolution without human intervention—hence, touchless.

Augmenting our human workforce with intelligent machines

For us, touchless operations are a completely different way of performing IT operations. It entails augmenting our workforce with machine-enabled intelligence to reduce monotonous, human-intensive tasks at scale. We believe we are breaking new ground in addressing this ambitious challenge. It’s a new concept that Accenture is turning into reality.

We started by creating rapid touchless automation development cells to focus and super-charge our efforts: teams of automation architects, machine learning developers, data scientists, and DevSecOps specialists are developing touchless operations assets for the IT Operations teams.

These development cells are implementing ways to deploy highly intuitive solutions and use machine learning to predict events and recommend next-best actions. They are building mature, self-learning solutions and enabling self-healing capabilities that minimize human interactions. The resulting self-healing and auto-resolving assets involve analysis of millions of tickets, monitoring alerts, and service requests and provide recommendations and machine-enabled solutions.

Touchless Automation Orchestrator platform, on-demand infrastructure automation capabilities, futuristic intelligent preventive assets, self-service tools to use cloud services, security vulnerability prevention tools, and Intelligent BOTS are some of the solutions the teams have developed. We have also enabled an agile, plug-and-play living ecosystem with platforms such as ServiceNow, Splunk, Accenture Intelligent Analytics platform, Micro Focus Orchestration, and Cloud 2.0 PaaS offerings.

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We believe we are breaking new ground in addressing the ambitious challenge of building intelligent machines to augment the human workforce.

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Enabling a new way of working

Our Touchless Operations program is transforming how Accenture’s internal IT Operations teams provide application support to Accenture people by improving productivity, quality, performance, and the user experience.

In addition, our application teams now have confidence in machine-enabled predictions, self-healing capabilities, and auto-resolving intelligent bots. They look to co-build new assets and participate in customizing scripts specific to their applications. We are also creating self-service solutions so that the application teams are not limited by skill to improve their automations. In short, we have adapted technologies that are successfully creating a next-generation workforce to support a new way of working.

When human ingenuity combines with technology

With an “automate to innovate” mindset, taking bold steps, and making adoption a priority from the beginning, our program teams are helping to advance Accenture’s touchless operations journey while improving speed, accuracy, and keeping our businesses and operations running.

Aside from business value we’re experiencing with touchless operations, we’re honored that our program was named a CIO 100 Award winner for 2021.

We think our program stands out in many ways, notably: We are building machine-enabled intelligence at scale. We’re developing intelligent automation assets that mimic human work and possess cognitive capabilities as well as enabling intelligent bots to perform human actions. And, lastly, we’re adopting a different work style and culture to support ongoing innovation.

The program is a journey, one that is in progress. It’s all exciting stuff that holds tremendous potential to deliver even more future value on many fronts.

To read more about our entire Intelligent Automation program, click here.

Rahul Maheshwari

Managing Director – Global IT, Intelligent Technology Operations

Rich Palumbo

Managing Director – Global IT, Intelligent Technology Operations

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