Here’s an update  on our Teams implementation at Accenture, as discussed in my original blog below. We’ve transitioned all of Accenture to Teams, and we have more than 500K users of Teams. Our people are logging 560 million minutes of audio each month and 30 million minutes of video conferencing as well. Team is enabling our people to work remotely effectively and efficiently.

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Original Post Date : November 11, 2019

Empowering employees: Microsoft Teams takes off

Excitement is building across Accenture as the number of our Microsoft Teams users keeps growing. With more than 400,000 employees already using Teams, we are forging ahead with a new model, making a full transition to a “Teams-only” approach that moves beyond Skype to an exclusive reliance on Microsoft Teams. More than 175,000 of our people have already migrated to this Teams-only approach, and our next benchmark—200,000 Teams-only users—is approaching fast!

Accenture has always been at the forefront of disruptive capabilities. With this massive migration to Teams, we are once again Leading in the New—redefining what collaboration really means. Microsoft Teams is already enabling our enterprise to reach new heights of performance through its innovative capabilities, empowering our employees to connect, collaborate and create more productively than ever. Teams elevates our approach to collaboration…the conversation between human and machine becomes the platform on which to deliver services directly wherever our people are working. More than just a replacement to Skype for Business, Teams enables new ways of working. It brings together content, chat, bots and services into the flow of work, with rich and persistent context that saves time and eliminates friction.

Accenture is already the world's largest user of Teams

Imagine what will happen when all our people are Teams-only users, embracing this advanced new platform for communicating, chatting, file sharing, conferencing and much more. We believe so strongly in the power of the Microsoft Teams platform that Accenture has already become the world’s largest user of Teams, with 210,000 distinct teams generating 125 million chats and 245 million minutes of audio calls and conferences each month, and 12 million minutes of video conferences each month.

We recognize that transitioning to a new platform requires changes in the way people work, communicate and collaborate. That said, Microsoft Teams is woven into the familiar interface of Microsoft Office 365, making many of its capabilities recognizable and intuitive. We are convinced that the benefits of real-time collaboration, seamless integration of meetings, video and voice calls, chats and file sharing, along with the integration of third-party apps and connectors, will help to smooth the journey.   

Collaboration has always been key to Accenture’s success, and now looking ahead to a Teams-only workforce, we expect to redefine what “collaboration” means in the post-digital era!

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Jason Warnke

Senior Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experiences Lead

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