One of the most satisfying things about working in technology is being able to help people perform better. Accenture has been on a digital transformation journey for a while now and that has meant new systems and platforms that have brought a wave of productivity.

But in a digital era, we can tackle so much more than productivity—and in periods of market disruption such as we’ve experienced recently, it’s important for all of us to look at fresh ways of working.

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Powerful digital problem solving, such as application and process automation, gives us an opportunity to be creative and customize like never before—while making it easier for our people to perform at their peak, every day.

I’ve found that many of our agile, digital teams want to create new applications or automate processes to keep pace with changing work demands.

When people become citizen developers—where they no longer need to wait for a centralized IT department to build the apps they need—we can put power back in the hands of the people who need it.

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As you’ll see in our latest case study, using one connected platform, the Microsoft Power Platform, our people can develop innovation anywhere to unlock value everywhere. So, whether our teams are looking to design and build business applications, analyze and draw data visualizations or automate a business process, they can personalize and extend IT to address many of these needs themselves.

Of course, it’s bigger than just having an app to suit today’s task. To be effective, apps need to harness and realize the value of data. At Accenture, we believe that organizations that exploit their data—taking advantage of insights which are then used to drive intelligent business processes—can outperform those that don’t.

Here’s some of the advantages of turning your people into citizen developers:

  • Solve real problems with real users: With our new citizen developers creating more than 8,000 Power Apps over a six-month period—more than our IT department maintains centrally today—we’ve ended up with a diverse range of applications, such as, request forms, compliance trackers, asset trackers, pricing and estimating tools and local support portals.
  • Tap into the power of platforms. It’s possible to extend existing capabilities and experiences like Microsoft Teams—Accenture employees now spend more than half their daily working hours in the Teams platform. You can also enable connectivity to other platforms that run the enterprise—our users can tune in to ServiceNow, Salesforce and Microsoft Azure.
  • Build business benefits. Citizen developers can work more than 10 times faster than if they were only relying on centralized IT solution delivery. Using citizen developers frees up time for rare architects and developers to focus on more complex business solutions that drive strategic value.

Take a look at our case study or listen to our podcast to find out how we can build apps with little to no code and support business processes in a secure, resilient and scalable way. Oh yes, and we’re also helping our clients do the same. More productivity, agility and better business outcomes—what’s not to like?

Karen Odegaard

Managing Director – Global IT, Technology Platforms

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