We all want to know how we’re doing—and keep track of how our clients are doing, so that we can be sure we’re delivering “best fit” solutions. But like anything in business, it’s complicated. So much information in so many different places—wouldn’t you like to manage your business better?

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I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to how we’ve run things in the past. We had a multitude of different systems—online, offline, even variations across geographies—to manage our relationships with our clients and the rest of the Accenture business. It meant our records about our business activities could be inconsistent, out-of-date and hard to track. And we didn’t have a shareable view that could help our leaders make more informed, strategic decisions across the business.

We’ve talked a lot about the digital transformation journey Accenture has been on in recent times. Our investment in cloud technologies and enterprise systems has meant integration and being data driven are now part of the fabric of how we run the business. And we’ve been able to capitalize on the cloud and our global single instance of SAP S/4HANA to develop a digital business services suite of applications that are reinventing how we prepare, manage, sell and deliver work.

Manage myBusiness is one of the applications in the suite that’s helping our teams to spend less time on administration and more time gaining insights that help them build better business outcomes. It’s an online digital tool that offers Accenture client account leads and market leaders a clear picture of current client activity—and the impact of that status on the Accenture business.

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How does it work? Imagine you could see your sales activity, actual versus plan, your win ratio, pipeline and business development efficiency for example—all at-a-glance. A single dashboard can also compare revenue or sales with earlier quarters. And you can clone and customize this information or share the detail in one convenient place.

Manage myBusiness gives a snapshot of how a business portfolio is performing against personal sales and revenue targets and identifies actions that need to be taken. That might be following-up with the team, contacting a client leader or drilling down further into a performance metric.

Here’s some of the ways Manage myBusiness is helping to improve how we work:

  • We’re smarter: Because we use consistent information, tailored to what matters most to our client teams, it’s easier to make decisions and take action in real time.
  • We’re faster: Less admin effort gives us all more time to respond quickly to drive client account performance.
  • We’re more efficient: We’re realizing savings by rationalizing the old ways of doing things and redirecting our time from reporting to business management.

Find out more by taking a look at our case study around how we are creating online experiences that count—with our clients and our business.

Shane Marshall

Managing Director – Global IT, Client & Market Technology

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