We’d all like to think our IT systems run without any issues. But when you’ve a global workforce embracing new technologies daily, you’re bound to have some hiccups along the way. How you solve those problems has its own challenges.

Predictive Intelligence

Traditional IT ticket incident processing can be time-consuming and frustrating for the end user. You know the story; the incident ticket is routed to the wrong person; the agent makes a mistake or the problem takes too long to resolve.

With more than 500,000 people, Accenture is familiar with offering support at scale. But with our laser focus on business efficiency and making life easier for our people, we decided to take advantage of ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence—the built-in layer of artificial intelligence (AI) that automates routine processes and enables better work experiences.

Our latest case study explains what we did and some of the benefits we’re seeing as a result. On average, our IT support teams respond to 10,000 technology incidents daily from employees around the globe. To manage the high volume and nature of these requests, ServiceNow’s Predictive Intelligence capability works behind the scenes to identify issues, auto-categorize the ticket into the appropriate queue and recognize common incidents. It takes away some of the manual work and frees up our agents to provide more value-add services for our people.

Where verification meets versatility

It’s not just how we run IT support that’s benefitting from this versatile capability, either. We’ve also applied ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence in a Human Resources (HR) context.

So for instance, we’ve been able to respond to hundreds of requests for verification of employment (VOE) letters and personnel file requests every month, a process that used to be entirely manual. We convert VOE requests into a ticket which is scanned and finds matches against a pre-programmed solution so that it can be auto-assigned to the right support queue. It makes it far easier for the HR team to finalize verification letters and get it in the hands of the right employee.

Work smarter and faster

Here’s some of the benefits we’ve found from applying predictive intelligence when handling high-volume queries and tasks:

  • It’s a win-win solution. Agents are better equipped to handle requests and employees benefit from effective resolutions—improving customer service for all.
  • It’s accurate and fast. There’s an 85% accuracy in auto-assigning tickets. We’ve been able to reduce triage time and rerouting so that the average time to resolve incidents has dropped from an hour to one minute.
  • It frees up time for value. Our HR teams have seen a 50% reduction in handling time—meaning they can focus on priority requests that add value for our people.

Take a look at our case study to find out more about this human+machine approach. As we continue to look at new ways to improve our response times, reduce human error and improve consistency and accuracy, ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence is proving just the ticket for business efficiency.

Tom Bruss

Director – Global IT, Technology Platforms

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