Our global IT organization is always looking to combine technology and human ingenuity to create efficiencies, and this includes transforming how our internal Operations teams deliver IT to the business through automation.

We have been making major investments in our IT automation capabilities in recent years. This includes establishing an Intelligent Automation program to advance Accenture to greater business efficiencies, supplementing IT Operations teams with an “intelligent automated workforce.” Years ago, automation was mainly around testing and some automated deployment of code to servers. Today, our global IT Intelligent Automation teams are embracing change and pushing the envelope in expanding our catalog of intelligent automation enablers.

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Our teams have implemented several robotic process automation solutions; introduced self-service-enabled intelligent assets, intelligent bots, and cognitive chat bots; deployed intelligently orchestrated actions; automated vulnerability scans and preventions; automated testing, integrating with the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline; and more. They have made impressive strides in making a positive impact on our IT operations, cultivating an automation mindset and helping us achieve our DevSecOps vision.

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I’m proud to share that the Intelligent Automation program was recognized with the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award, achieving a gold medal in the category of “Best Advance in Business Automation” in the program area, The Future of Work.

What makes our Intelligent Automation program stand out is how we are breaking new ground in addressing the ambitious challenge of building intelligent machines to augment the human workforce in our IT Operations space. This human + machine approach is a new concept that Accenture is turning into reality.

But truly, this is just the beginning. Our vision for our automation program is to move to a state of touchless operations. Our Intelligent Automation teams have already built a foundation to self-heal infrastructure issues and auto-resolve application issues and are expanding those capabilities. We are also building artificial intelligence-enabled assets that will offer machine-suggested solutions and fixes. We intend to use applied intelligence and build machine-learning capabilities to predict and prevent issues, before they occur.

Automation is a journey, and a journey that is about our people, too. Automation is helping reduce manual work across our global IT operations and enabling new and creative opportunities for our people to work with machines for problem solving and bring value to the business.

I invite you to read more about our automation journey—our challenges and our solutions—to gain ideas for delivering more operational and business efficiency to your organization.

Rahul Maheshwari

Managing Director – Global IT, Intelligent Technology Operations

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