Kids can do amazing things—especially when they’re empowered with learning. To help empower students to succeed in the digital world, Accenture is proud to continue to partner with to support the Hour of Code that takes place this year from December 7-13.

Our support includes tens of thousands Accenture people across more than 50 countries who are joining the movement to help make a difference. Often, our people say they are swept away by the energy and enthusiasm of the young participants and that the students give back more than our people give. I know that technology is where my heart is and am gratified by seeing its incredible impact on humankind.

This year, individuals can participate virtually and in ways that make sense for them. Accenture will be holding local, virtual Hour of Code events, organizing sessions for our families and friends or simply doing one of the tutorials individually. All it takes is one hour. Follow us at #HourofCode and #CSforGood.

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Hour of Code: Why are computer skills important?

Accenture Learning computer skills and coding can help in developing general problem solving skills.

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Every student should have the chance to learn coding and computer science. In the United States, only 47% of high schools teach computer science and 11% of graduates of STEM bachelor’s degrees are in computer science. Yet, 67% of all new jobs in STEM in the United States are in computing. Clearly, there are career opportunities available for young people in this country alone. Across all countries, I believe coding is a universal equalizer. It is also a way to develop other next-generation skills, like teamwork, creativity, logical thinking and adaptability to change.

With a core skill like coding, the next generation can create new technologies and solutions to change the world. I invite you to participate and join Accenture in making a difference.

Penelope Prett

Chief Information Officer

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