For Accenture people, being able to work virtually is a necessity and a way of life. This means our people need to be mobile enabled and equipped with capabilities to be efficient and productive—all while keeping experience top of mind. It is up to our global IT organization to make this happen for more than 500,000 employees around the world.

One way we do this is through a program that develops Accenture mobile apps so that our people can use their mobile devices to do such tasks as submit time and expenses, and view and submit technology incidents. An important aspect of this program is creating unified, integrated services and experiences for our people across websites, devices and touchpoints as they do their work using several types of devices. Today, Accenture is a heavy bring-your-own-device (BYOD) company with some Accenture country locations providing company-issued devices. Whether BYOD or Accenture issued, Accenture uses Microsoft Intune mobile application management (MAM) for downloading and securing all of our mobile apps.

Our global IT teams develop apps as part of a larger employee experience initiative to improve the mobility of our workforce. Our strategy is to materially improve the working lives and experiences of our people with seamless solutions. Given this, the mobile apps we develop need to interconnect with a larger suite of Accenture apps to support the digital worker—to enable them to create, connect and collaborate, especially when working from home.  

One experience we targeted was that of getting support for employee services. Our people use a central enterprise service request portal, called Accenture Support, to submit a ticket for everything from technology issues to an HR request. Accenture Support is built on ServiceNow, Accenture’s platform for digital enterprise service delivery. We wanted to extend that support experience to a mobile app for the times when employees are not connected to their laptops or able to go into an office for local support. So, we built an app for that.

Our innovative use of the ServiceNow platform, particularly for this mobile app, played a role in Accenture receiving ServiceNow’s 2020 Global Partner of the Year award. 

Today, Accenture people use the Accenture Support mobile app to submit support requests, check on the status of cases and view approvals.  The app is among the largest implementations of the ServiceNow mobile product. We haven’t stopped there, though. We plan to iterate the functionality of our app to make it even better and to extend its reach to new business areas of Accenture. Read about our ServiceNow approach and listen to our podcast to learn more.   

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Karen Odegaard

Managing Director – Global IT, Technology Platforms

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