We all know how important it is to keep our customers satisfied—whether internal or external. Based on cloud-based infrastructure, a single, digital, data-driven platform to manage the sales process can make a huge difference in how to achieve that.

In a new case study, we explain how our global IT organization, collaborating with our Global Sales and Pricing Excellence team, developed Manage mySales— a “single source of the truth” to help our teams share data and use it more effectively.

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Based on Salesforce.com, Manage mySales currently offers 42,000 users in our organization to access to the same client data, while enabling 8,000 account teams to collaborate, globally and locally.

Improved analytic insights help us drive better decision making and, ultimately, achieve better business outcomes. And the benefits go beyond helping the sales teams and easing. Once Manage mySales demonstrated greater efficiencies from improved integration and automation, other areas of our business decided to join us in creating a more integrated solution.

Our Marketing and Communications (M+C) organization migrated to Manage mySales to share contact and campaign information—and their use continues to expand. And before long, two additional areas of our business—Quality and Ecosystems—also adopted Manage mySales. The quality team find they can better access the “voice of the customer.” Meanwhile, the ecosystems team, responsible for all partnerships outside of Accenture, can help to improve client targeting and higher conversion rates—we have 95% accuracy in less than three seconds using our Win Probability Predictor.

The impact of insights

Our cloud-based IT strategy means it’s easy to see what’s happening in the business, anywhere, anytime. With better visibility, we can not only make better decisions for our own organization, but also improve outcomes for clients.

Here’s some of the steps we took to realize rewards from Manage mySales:

  • We actively encouraged adoption: To help a large number of users to become familiar with the new solution quickly, we developed extensive training using job aids and videos and social media tools to offer learning tips—giving account teams the right level of support and information they needed, when they needed it.
  • We accelerated meaningful insights: We built a new business management application that provides a comprehensive view of an opportunity and enables online, real-time approval decisions. We implemented enriched core analytics to make opportunity comparisons against key metrics to see what’s happened, what’s changed and what’s projected in the future.
  • We enabled intelligent decision making: First, we drove operational efficiencies. Now, we’re equipping our teams with predictive analytics to help us make better business decisions. We aim to empower account teams to move from insights to actions more quickly and intelligently.

These benefits are making a difference to how we work with clients, smoothing out any internal barriers. In turn, our clients can gain new value from an overall improved experience, whichever area of Accenture is involved. It’s a win-win situation where consistent, accessible data can boost our core business functions, enhance the client’s journey and grow our business.

Read more about how Manage mySales has taken the features of Salesforce well beyond a standard customer relationship management solution.

Olga Gonzalez

Managing Director – Global IT, IT Research & Innovation

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