Accenture operates with speed and agility, and is powered by SAP.

As we have grown and evolved, our SAP footprint has evolved with us. We’ve evolved using new technologies and complementary products to build a best-in-class enterprise system that suits our unique needs. Our IT strategy centers on having a single instance ERP fully in the cloud. Getting to this point involved adoption of new SAP technologies and a move to Microsoft Azure. Having taken these steps, we’re now able to provide our corporate functions with the flexibility to address new business requirements and the ability to scale with the demands of the business.


What we’ve learned in the process: We don’t just think about what SAP technologies can do. We think about how they can deliver on business outcomes and value.

Accenture often breaks new ground in implementing SAP solutions. We embrace change. We view the adoption of new capabilities as an opportunity to deliver value to the business. It’s also an opportunity to lead with new capabilities. One example is our Intelligent Cash Solution, an SAP Innovation Award 2021 winner.  

Today, we have more than just an enterprise system that is super fast and agile. We have capitalized on our significant investments in SAP that enables Accenture to be well positioned to respond to unprecedented events with agility, address future growth, and take advantage of future capabilities as they become available.

We’re creating powerful change and accelerating business value for Accenture with SAP. To learn more about our experiences, I invite you to read our stories on our Powered by SAP page.

Eli Lambert

Managing Director – Global IT, Finance Platforms

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