As we welcome in the New Year, no doubt you have a few resolutions about how you want to inform your life and grow your career in the coming months—and often that involves being inspired by the right information at the right time.

It’s always a challenge to cut through the noise, but at the end of last year we asked our team to share the resources that have shaped their thinking and inspired their work.  Whether these recommendations are already old favorites for you or turn out to be hidden gems, there’s something for everyone here.

Be inspired!

Tune in to Tech:

Other recommended reading:

Pop on a podcast:

It’s great to see Accenture’s own content in this impressive list and I’m most grateful to every member of our team who took the time to share their recommendations.  I know there is a lot of rich learning we can take away from these suggestions. 

I hope this list inspires you and I look forward to catching up with you on any takeaways you’d like to share in the future.

Have a great—and well-informed—start to the new calendar year.

Penelope Prett

Chief Information, Data & Analytics Officer

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