Over thirty-four years, I had the great fortune to serve as a Signals and All-Source Intelligence Officer in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I served both as a leader of intelligence organizations and as the Senior Intelligence Officer for several theaters, including Iraq and Korea. As a General Officer, I served as the Army’s Operational Intelligence Commander, leading a global organization of over 17,000 exceptionally talented intelligence professionals. In my final assignment before I retired, I served as the Army’s Senior Intelligence Officer, responsible for the readiness, modernization and oversight of the Army’s 58,000-person Intelligence Corps.

I am thrilled to be a part of Accenture Federal Services’ Intelligence team, which allows me to continue supporting the professionals of our Defense and National Intelligence organizations. Our service men and women and their families sacrifice so much to safeguard our nation from harm, and bring great passion, teamwork, discipline and resilience to their daily missions. I am excited to lend my energy to Accenture’s work supporting the Intelligence Community, as well as its commitment to supporting veterans and their families in the move from active duty to civilian life.

When veterans transition, either after a first tour or a thirty-year career, they need assistance and assurance from the private sector and companies like Accenture that their talents, energy and work experience will be valued and that they will be welcomed to a new team. I am so very proud of Accenture’s commitment not only to helping our veterans find the right work experience but also to hiring military spouses. The culture and values of this organization—with their emphasis on respect, diversity and inclusion—align perfectly to the values of those of us in uniform, and because of that, we’re quickly at home here.

Energy, optimism, resilience, teamwork, persistence and integrity—as a soldier and leader, all of these attributes were critical to my and my team’s performance. They remain so today, and I am proud to have joined an organization that values them as much as I do.

Mary Legere

Managing Director – National Security Sector (US Army)

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