What's the story?

In May 2017, the WanaCrypt0r/WannaCry ransomware attack saw systems infected in more than 200,000 organizations across 150 countries—in particular, the attack affected 47 National Health Service trusts in the United Kingdom resulting in cancelled operations and patient disruption.

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What does it mean?

Ransomware, also known as cryptoware, attacks a company’s data by encrypting it until a ransom is paid—with no guarantees that the data will be decrypted once the payment has been made to the adversary. Threat intelligence and law enforcement agencies warn such attacks are accelerating in frequency and targeting more businesses with increasing ransom demands. Watch the webinar video for practical steps organizations can take to better protect themselves from future ransomware attacks like WanaCrypt0r.

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WanaCrypt0r: Protecting organizations against ransomware attacks

Listen to the webinar where our distinguished panel of security specialists deliver a threat briefing on WanaCrypt0r.

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What can you do?

Find out how you can protect your organization against ransomware attacks like WanaCrypt0r. Listen to the webinar (above) where our distinguished panel of security specialists discuss the latest ransomware attack for:

  1. In-depth analysis and remediation of the current WanaCrypt0r/WannaCry attack to prepare organizations for new variants

  2. Practical advice on steps organizations can take to better protect themselves from future ransomware attacks

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