In the modern world of big data, enterprises are being flooded with waves of unstructured information. According to Forbes, 70 – 80% of all data is unstructured - lacking a data model for extracting valuable insights. Given that this includes email, media, text communications and other unclassified information, the amount of unstructured data is increasing rapidly & compounding every second. Furthermore, organizations are under-utilizing existing datasets, exercising less than 50% of structured data when making decisions. Enormous untapped datasets have become the catalyst for organizations to move their data supply chain to the cloud. With the right strategy, data on cloud eases the tide and provides businesses the agility and flexibility needed to make actionable, data-driven business decisions.

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According to Forbes, 70 – 80% of all data is unstructured

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However, moving to the cloud can be daunting without the right partner, platform, and strategy. Many companies fall short in unlocking the value of their data and managing it in a secure, cost-effective and scalable way. To aid enterprises drifting in a sea of untapped insights, Accenture & Google are partnering to bring the best of cloud data transformation. Google Cloud’s answer to this persistent problem is BigQuery, a smart analytical data warehouse solution which is increasingly the preferred choice for customers seeking cloud transformation. Combined with Accenture’s tenured cloud-service professionals, enterprises making the move can now achieve a personalized, holistic transformation to create a secure data supply chain & begin extracting revenue-generating insights.

Enabling BigQuery with Accenture and Google 

At Accenture, we set out to enable our clients to achieve greater agility and confidently drive data-driven business transformations deeply rooted within Google data. It’s why we’ve created the Accenture Data Modernization Solution for Google Cloud Platform, a next-generation framework to help transition data elements to Google Cloud and BigQuery.

In addition, Accenture is partnering with Google to conduct Proof of Concepts (POC’s) with an experienced Google and Accenture team.  The POCs will enable customers to realize benefits and lay out the foundation and vision for a successful move to BigQuery. Customers are already seeing the benefits of what Google Cloud can do for them by implementing a specific use case (usually sponsored by Google) on Google. Upon completion of POC’s, customers tend to complete their full-blown migrations. With the industry corpus and experience Accenture possesses at clients around the world, combined with Google’s incentives and programs, we envision providing exponential value and successful business outcomes for our customers. We are excited to be partnering with Google Cloud to help streamline data warehouse migrations so that organizations can unlock the full potential of their data. 

“We’re committed to working with Accenture to help customers drive real business tangible results as they modernize their data platforms,” said Debanjan Saha, Vice President and GM, Data & Analytics, Google Cloud. “It’s exciting to see both organizations continuing to invest in the future of our partnership to bring value to our customers.” 

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“We’re committed to working with Accenture to help customers drive real business tangible results as they modernize their data platforms,”

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- Debanjan Saha, Vice President and GM, Data & Analytics, Google Cloud

Getting the most out of your data with BigQuery 

Top enterprises within banking, telecom and retail are turning to Accenture and Google to initiate their cloud migrations. BigQuery’s AI/ML capabilities, unique for their ease of implementation, are key differentiators that continuously persuade clients to choose Google when moving to the cloud. The fact that the capabilities are embedded provide faster data insights to customers seeking a competitive advantage.  In addition, BigQuery’s purpose-built, security innovation across all layers and lower cost to compute makes it a viable option for organizations seeking secure and scalable data on cloud transition.  Finally, confirmed in a landmark study showcasing the platform’s strengths, customers have experienced TCO reductions due to the serverless nature of BigQuery.

Let’s Get Started

We are here to help your business create a strategy to leverage cloud-based analytics and take advantage of the hidden & untapped datasets exponentially growing within the enterprise. In order to reach your company’s cloud transformation potential & take advantage of your unique, insight-rich data sea, start your journey and reach out to our team here

Sriram Anand

Lead – Data & AI, Growth & Strategy

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