Workday Prism Analytics enables organizations to bring any external data into Workday, blend it with existing people or financial data, and present it natively through Workday’s powerful reporting framework—putting it in the hands of employees, managers and other leaders in a mobile-first fashion. This gives our clients a holistic set of insights into the business, and the most amazing part—this can be done lightning fast.

Why Workday Prism Analytics? Workday is the chosen cloud system for organizations that are investing in the most important element in their success, their people. Workday Prism Analytics provides global organizations the ability to put people at the center by unlocking key value-add analytics and insights from across the business about their processes, people and operations, which results in more intelligent business decisions. Workday Prism Analytics changes the conversation to Workday being the system insight and empowerment to achieve operational excellence.

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Workday Prism #Analytics changes the conversation to Workday being the system insight & empowerment to achieve operational excellence.

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Perspective: Workday Prism Analytics’ value

I’m excited to share examples of our experience with the ease of use and rapid benefits we’ve seen with Workday Prism Analytics. During a recent engagement, we handed our laptop to the client, who was familiar with Workday but had no Workday Prism Analytics training, and said, “Give it a shot, tell us what you think.” In minutes, the client identified trends that could potentially save the business millions of dollars—now that is self-service analytics.

The Workday Prism Analytics advantage

Workday Prism Analytics will help you reduce the time it takes to make the best decisions possible by providing better visibility and insight across your business. Let’s dive into some of the leading use cases:

  • Operations: Within our Accenture Workday Practice, we have deployed Workday Prism Analytics to provide a consolidated view of our entire operations. Combining external data from our CRM system, non—Workday finance and HR data (including employee engagement surveys) with native Workday project data, we have delivered a mobile-enabled view of our business, end-to-end, in one location—Workday. Having all this data available in one place has been a game changer. Before Workday Prism Analytics, it took two weeks to pull the reporting, but now we have real-time visibility into who is leading our healthiest programs, what our revenue forecast is by region, and what practices are the most engaged and which need extra attention.
  • Years of historical data available at go-live: The moment you go-live with Workday, full visibility into years of transaction-level history is attained. Not only does this remove the need for complex history re-creation (which can take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars), but you can migrate that history in a fraction of the time—while still providing rich historical trending data. When a global pharmaceutical company went live with Workday, Accenture helped transition three years of worker history, across 100 countries and nearly 100,000 employees with Workday Prism Analytics in only five months—while maintaining GDPR compliance.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures modeling: Acquisitions are the new norm for many of our clients. They are commonly building complex spreadsheet models to combine their current employee and financial data with that of a company they're planning to acquire in order to model and plan the new organizational composition. Who will report to whom, what those compensation and benefits will look like, how sales territories will be divided, what our total customer base will look like—the list is ongoing. We are working with our clients to bring all this data into Workday through Workday Prism Analytics, to securely and collaboratively model the new organization. And at the point of acquisition, finalize and commit the organizational models.
  • Global view of workforce: One of the most complex Workday Prism Analytics deployments to date was with one of our global clients who required a solution to combine data from hundreds of subsidiaries’ non-Workday HR systems during their multi-phased Workday deployment. In three months, we delivered a solution via Workday, providing the client with a global view of their workforce and a single source of truth for HR data. Utilizing Workday Prism Analytics’ powerful data integration and data preparation tools, we were able to bring together data from multiple third-party systems—from headcount to retirement risk, diversity and inclusion statistics—and home-grown databases for reporting in Workday Human Capital Management.

Workday Prism Analytics’ Power

The usefulness of Workday Prism Analytics was recently brought home in an internal meeting when someone asked, “How is our Workday practice doing?” Out came the iPad, and all the relevant information was instantly available. The reaction? “How did you do this and how soon can I get it?” The answer turned out to be 10 days. That’s how quickly we were able to get another part of our practice transitioned to Workday Prism Analytics.

For the above reasons and more, it’s clear that Workday Prism Analytics is a game changer. That’s why we’re "all in" on Workday Prism Analytics and Workday. Currently, Accenture offers more than 1,100 Workday certified consultants worldwide with more than 3,000 Workday certifications. We are proud to have been one of the first Workday partners to be certified as a Workday Prism Partner Product Lead, and that we have been asked to present at multiple Workday events to share our learnings from our proven delivery of Workday Prism Analytics projects of all sizes.

Bottom line, if you believe in the power of Workday, and we do, then you must believe in the power of Workday Prism Analytics.

Bharath Srinivas

Workday Practice Incubating Capability Lead for Accenture

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