So, you’ve decided to transform into an agile, service-oriented, data-driven, results-focused HR team. One key question remains: How do you get there?

Accenture has realized five key issues inhibiting transforming HR successfully:

  • HR transformation has evolved beyond traditional efficiency and effectiveness plays, and what it means for each organization can be unique.
  • Every transformation requires the client to pivot to a whole new way of working, which can fundamentally rewrite the role of the HR function and its relationship with its customers and the business, requiring strong, cross-function sponsorship and change management.
  • The skills and resourcing required to lead HR “in the new” do not always reside within current HR teams, requiring new and creative ways to embed capability within the function and its services.
  • Companies may not have the talent and experience internally to execute the transformation, and their teams may not possess the skills that they will need once the transformation is complete.
  • In large-scale transformations, even CHROs can realize that complexity is very high, and they may not have the necessary skills to get the job done right.

How does HR’s focus shift when ready to tackle business transformation?

A Personal Journey

Every organization’s transformation journey will be different, strongly influenced by culture and the nature of the business. HR data and process changes are at the core of successful transformations, and one practical way to bring a transformation to life is with a cloud HR platform like Workday. Digitized processes provide the data needed for better insight into the business.

Leading companies are moving beyond traditional HR transformation, as the function today is not only expected to balance efficiency and effectiveness but is also required to impact business outcomes and serve as a transformation catalyst to the entire organization.

For example, a large technology client of Accenture is leveraging agile principles to innovate and transform continuously the role, services and capabilities of the traditional HR function. This may release new offerings – offerings that are specific to support key business initiatives and talent segments – directly to the business instead of the traditional reliance on HR practice areas and HR business partners. The client is breaking down these traditional silos to spread HR resources into more agile teams that focus on transformational business issues – and the related HR and talent interventions and programs necessary – versus transactional HR outcomes.

Workday is one technology engine supporting this business-focused HR evolution for the company. It not only facilitates the streamlining and digitization of HR work to unleash new capabilities for the HR function in a continuous and repeatable way, but it also drives data-driven decision-making into the client’s HR services and people-related decisions in a user-friendly way. This allows the function to provide dedicated services that drive differentiated workforce experiences and business outcomes.

Leveraging true agile principles, the client is viewing this evolution across multiple – and ongoing –“minimally viable product” releases focused on a combination of operating model changes, new HR capabilities and roles, an expanded viewpoint of HR’s customers to be inclusive of the entire workforce (employees, contractors, suppliers, partners, etc.), new data capabilities, new technology capabilities and ongoing enhancements.

This is allowing the company to provide a compelling and differentiated workforce experience, providing signature HR services and processes that matter most to the business and to the workforce and ultimately places HR centrally as the transformation catalyst to the business.

Workday-Powered Transformation: The Way Forward

As HR pivots away from silos toward services, digital technologies become highly important enablers for the evolution of the employee experience. Every organization has a unique digital transformation opportunity, and we’re excited to hear from our clients during Workday Rising in Milan, on how they’re leveraging Workday in agile and rapid ways to improve their employee experiences. Also visit us at booth #327 to hear first-hand to hear how our clients are revolutionizing HR and driving Workday-powered transformation.

Ed Miller

Managing Director – Workday Business, Advisory Services Lead

David Shaw

Managing Director – Talent & Organization / Human Potential

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