We often say that Cloud First is a journey for organizations who are migrating to the cloud—and we don’t use the term “journey” lightly. It is an ongoing pursuit that requires time, effort, and perseverance. It is ultimately worth it (and not just economically speaking, though it can save significantly on total cost of ownership) because it helps companies reach goals they couldn’t have otherwise. 

 We’re talking big, bold goals. Like empowering your people to drive innovation like never before. Or taking direct action to make the world a better place. Goals that have significant meaning—to your people, your customers and everyone who does business with your organization. 

Let’s take a look at two ways our companies, Accenture and Microsoft, are partnering to help companies achieve meaningful transformation in the Azure cloud.  

 Informed decision-making, when it matters the most 

 Data modernization is at the core of Azure’s value. Bringing data together to inform business decision-making, in real time, is critical to building a sustainable business. 

As the pandemic has shown us, it also has a very tangible impact on people’s lives. As supply chains struggled at the outset of COVID-19, we saw how getting signals early about skyrocketing demand could inform the rest of the demand cycle in the supply chain, and ultimately lead to better buying decisions for customers based on that information. 

 Having the right data, with the right analytics, can be the difference between resilient supply chains, and your customers facing shortages; it can be the difference between front-line workers having the PPE they need to do their work safely, and not. That’s how meaningful data modernization in Azure can be. 

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Sustainable solutions, when the planet needs them the most 

 For many companies, becoming carbon neutral is a bold, visionary change that they are already undergoing, to various degrees. By migrating to Azure, they can achieve this transformation while modernizing their data or reinventing their business in other ways. 

Microsoft as a company has set their own bar high for reducing their carbon footprint, growing their business responsibly, and helping clients do the same. 

Migrating to Azure offers a greener cloud. Azure runs on 100% renewable energy and is up to 93% more energy efficient than traditional datacenters—and 98% more carbon efficient. That can go a long way to minimizing your impact on the environment and doing your part to combat climate change.   

The business reasons for migrating to Azure with Accenture and Microsoft are clear: a faster path to innovation, security and business value. But as our two examples show, taking the right approach to your migration—and acting with confidence in the Azure cloud—can have an impact far beyond your bottom line. 


Emma McGuigan

Global Lead – Intelligent Platform Services

Deb Cupp

CVP Enterprise & Commercial Industries, Microsoft

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