Cloud today offers an overabundance of choice. Should we go public, private, or hybrid? Should we have a single provider or many? Will our cloud applications be interoperable between platforms? Do we risk lock-in? What about future costs and security needs?

Each of these questions has any number of valid answers. But this profusion of options can be a mixed blessing. It brings flexibility – and the ability to tailor a solution to the very particular needs of your enterprise. But it can also bring complexity, complication and uncertainty.

The paradox of choice

In fact, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices on offer. And with all the major cloud providers extolling the benefits of their own platforms, it can be hard for even well-informed enterprises to see the right way forward. The risk is confusion and paralysis, and migration plans which are little more than guesswork. And that can stall or even derail a cloud transformation before it starts.

Indeed, despite the huge expectations of cloud initiatives – and huge sums spent on them – the reality is often disappointment, delay, and additional cost. Accenture research shows that nearly two-thirds of companies aren’t seeing the benefits they expected from cloud. Too many are spending a great deal of time and money on their migrations, only to find applications not operating as intended, incurring redundancies or additional costs.

So there’s a real need for clarity in cloud decision making. Enterprises need a systematic way to navigate the complexity of choice, avoid time-consuming trial and error, and learn from other companies’ successes and failures. That, in turn, will help build a solid business case, define the right architecture, and select the best provider(s) for their needs.

Enter myNav

It’s a widespread business problem that Accenture has been thinking deeply about in its cloud engagements with clients. And myNav is our solution. This is a new cloud platform that we’ve created to assess, architect and simulate cloud solutions and determine which will best fit a business’s requirements.

How does it work? Put simply, myNav will look at a whole host of variables in a company – including its infrastructure, its operating model and its desired business outcomes – and then use some smart new analytics we’ve developed to recommend a solution optimized for that company’s unique needs and business context.

Specifically, myNav does three things:

  1. Scans and assesses the existing infrastructure landscape and recommends a specific cloud infrastructure (i.e., public, private, hybrid, etc.).
  2. Runs an automated AI engine over Accenture’s curated cloud expertise repository (covering more than 30,000 past cloud projects and over 80 industry solutions) to identify the most suitable cloud architecture.
  3. Simulates and tests a scaled-up model of the recommended cloud solution to identify the value and help build the business case.

The result is a systematic and industrialized fast-track through the fog of cloud indecision. With myNav, the enterprise gets not only a recommended cloud architecture, but also a business case, a disposition document (i.e. most suitable provider), a bill of materials, and a migration plan.

Simulation differentiation

But it’s myNav’s intelligent simulation capabilities that are the real differentiator. Unique in the market, these simulations enable a client to get a true end-to-end perspective at scale on their cloud journey, including its end state needs, without having to go through the laborious process of multiple iterations and pilots.

In fact, over the course of a two-week workshop involving only a handful of people, it’s possible to get to a result with myNav that an enterprise might usually expect to take a year of haphazard trial and error involving hundreds of people. By simulating capacity needs and application performance up front, you get to tweak, refine, and resolve before a single workload is migrated. That’s a really compelling proposition for any business.

Best of all, the solution continues to get smarter over time. As the learnings from each new cloud initiative are fed back into the platform, the system has more and more data and insights to draw on – and its recommendations can be ever more accurately attuned to each client’s needs.

We’re really excited to be taking myNav to market. We think it’s going to make a real difference to our clients as they accelerate their journeys to cloud. To find out more, please visit the myNav page and do feel free to get in touch at any time.

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Kishore Durg

Senior Managing Director, Lead – Accenture Cloud and Growth & Strategy, Accenture Technology

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