Cloud computing began with the simple promise of bringing significant cost savings and greater efficiencies to IT operations. Cloud is now seen as an innovation vehicle to unlock business value and advance business objectives such as shaping new markets and reaching new customers. Consider the transformation around content creation and delivery that is happening across the media and entertainment world. Netflix, would not have existed today without cloud as its foundation. Similar industry-specific cloud solutions and examples are emerging daily, as the leading cloud providers—Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform—power solutions such as, GE Healthcare running its Health Cloud on Amazon AWS, Johnson Controls employing Microsoft Azure’s IoT solution accelerators with its GLAS smart thermostat, to give building owners remote access through web and mobile apps to monitor and control features of the heating and cooling system, and Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine leveraging Google Genomics to analyze hundreds of entire genomes in days and return query results in seconds while providing reliable security for DNA data.

Industry Cloud is now abuzz with activity. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers are also eyeing a share in this growing marketplace, evolving from a pure horizontal focus on CRM, HCM or Finance to industry solutions as well. Take Salesforce for example! Its Salesforce Health Cloud is breaking new ground in the healthcare industry with solutions such as Coordinate Post-Acute Care for post-admission care and Personalize Contact Center Experiences for empowering agents with the relevant patient data from multiple systems. Another example is SAP Vehicles Network, a B2B marketplace of automotive companies focused on mobility solutions. It introduces participating mobility solution providers to a wider global network and helps them create new revenue streams. Similarly, NetSuite recently launched a range of industry cloud solutions for financial services, wholesale and manufacturing industries, which offer pre-configured KPIs and dashboards for participating companies, helping them drive growth and reduce costs.

Accenture Leading the Way on Industry Cloud

Accenture has a three-pronged approach for cloud enabled industry solutions:

  1. Partnering with leading cloud providers to harness their industry solutions
  2. Working with third party SaaS solution providers to address regulatory requirements, with solutions as PCI and HIPAA
  3. Developing industry solutions on the cloud, where there isn’t a market ready solution.

Accenture has created over 85 industry clouds solutions, including Informatics Research Platform (on AWS) in collaboration with Merck for drug development research, Connected Mine(on Azure) for mining companies to more effectively manage their in-pit operations, and Intelligent Customer Engagement Solution (on Google Cloud) to help enterprises modernize and improve their customers’ experiences in multi-channel customer interactions.

As enterprises adopt industry cloud solutions at breakneck pace, Accenture will continue to bring its unsurpassed industry expertise to customers directly by partnering with third party SaaS and leading cloud providers (through our dedicated AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloudbusiness groups) to deliver industry cloud solutions that address unique business needs.

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Kishore Durg

Senior Managing Director – Supply Chain, Industry X & Network Global Business Lead, Accenture Operations

Douglas Chandler

Research Manager – Global, Accenture Research Cloud & Infrastructure

Pranav Kudesia

Thought Leadership Senior Principal – Accenture Research

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