Want to take advantage of Google's Cloud capabilities for analytics and artificial intelligence but unsure about moving sensitive data into the cloud?

Whether your organization is in financial services, life sciences, retail or other verticals, moving sensitive data to the cloud can feel uncomfortable. The good news is that Google Cloud provides a comprehensive set of industry-leading controls and tools to help secure your cloud environment. These capabilities make it possible to take advantage of the business-driven artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics of Google Cloud today with confidence that the security and privacy of sensitive data can be maintained.

Security should be at the heart of any cloud migration

Getting security right as you move data to the cloud requires planning. This includes translating Google Cloud’s security architecture, encryption, log data and monitoring services to sync up with your particular security standards and operational needs. In order to do this effectively, organizations need visibility through monitoring. Google Cloud’s Operations suite monitoring can help.  Accenture is an early adopter and thought leader in this space.

True cloud security starts with true visibility

The first step in avoiding ‘fear of the cloud’ is effective visibility – creating an integrated and complete picture of security events and other potential issues. This requires effective monitoring. Without effective monitoring, security incidents may go undetected, or response may be too slow.

By aggregating metrics, logs and infrastructure events, Cloud Monitoring provides observable signals that accelerate detection, enhance root-cause analysis and reduce remediation times. But as we noted above, Cloud Monitoring’s input and output need contextual tuning to unlock its full potential.

The Accenture path to fully activating cloud monitoring

Accenture has figured out how to quickly help organizations take full advantage of Cloud Monitoring. In fact, this new Accenture solution for Cloud Monitoring can get clients launched in as little as eight weeks – less than half the time as similar native services integrations from other cloud service providers.

It’s all about simplicity, consolidation and validation

Accenture’s pre-built framework for tuning and integrating Cloud Monitoring information provides a complete view of what is important in a cloud environment. As a result, organizations no longer have to create and maintain multiple teams and tools to standardize, aggregate and understand data. This saves money and reduces complexity.

Google Cloud provides all the security data you need

Accenture offers services to rapidly implement and manage security monitoring on Google Cloud. You just need to put it together with a mature security information and event management (SIEM) capability – and Accenture can help. Maturity means selecting the proper data sources and use cases as well as providing automated notifications for timely responses to incidents.

As just one example, Accenture worked with a major telecommunications provider to enable it to offer secure and less expensive services to its customers via Google Cloud. Choosing Google Cloud to host the infrastructure and perform third-party application support, the client quickly realized it would be best to also seek a partner to help manage the security of its newly deployed cloud environment. After road-mapping ways to secure data, manage user accounts/identities, monitor the environment and test the platform for vulnerabilities, Accenture deployed SIEM capabilities and an integrated Dev/Sec/Ops capability for vulnerability scanning, with third-party firewalls for infrastructure protection.

As a result, the client now enjoys clear security visibility and is confident in Accenture’s ability to detect and respond to security events on its behalf. The new capabilities it gained include the ability to capture all logging and performance data across assets within the cloud, including several third-party products. In addition, third-party vendors responsible for creating web and mobile products undergo dynamic and static code scanning.

Bottom line, the client is now confident in the security of its new Google Cloud infrastructure – and therefore in its own ability to scale up new sources of revenue and growth.

What to keep in mind

With Google Cloud and Accenture, organizations can securely tap into the cloud to grow confidently.

To learn more about Accenture’s security capabilities, visit Accenture’s Managed Security page

Wayne Dennis

Global GCP Security Practice Lead

Daniel Mellen

Managing Director – Accenture Security Cloud

Thomas Norton

Senior Cloud Advisory Executive

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