What’s at the center of any successful cloud migration? Of course, the technology needed to undertake a successful migration is important, as is having a partner that can help you act with confidence on your journey.

But people are the true center of any successful transformation in the cloud. Focusing on empowering your people with the capabilities to innovate—as well as the training to use those tools effectively—is where our clients start to see the true value of running their businesses in the cloud.

The unique partnership between Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft has helped many organizations center their Cloud First journeys on their people. Together the three companies bring the largest group of Microsoft solution experts in the world which enables our clients to embark on their Cloud First journeys with confidence. We’re excited to share two recent examples that demonstrate how a people-led migration to Microsoft Azure is more than a technology transformation: it has the power to transform your entire way of doing business.

A new foundation for innovation

Recently, we announced a five-year strategic agreement with Halliburton to take their Azure capabilities to the next level. First, we’ll be fully migrating the data and workloads on Halliburton’s physical datacenters to Azure by 2022.

With that foundation in place, Halliburton will be able to:

  • Use machine learning and AI tools to improve analytics with the Halliburton Data Lake
  • Ensure that, in the future, the company will be able to quickly recognize and respond to changing market conditions as they evolve
  • Expand remote operations by enhancing real-time capabilities

All of these new or expanded capabilities are being done with customers and employees in mind.

In our work with Halliburton, we’ll be able to combine our client-centric approaches with the deep industry knowledge of our experts. That will help to accelerate their journey to Azure, create some initial cost savings, and ensure their people have what they need to better serve their customers, today and in the long term.

Transforming retail, side by side

The kind of transformation Halliburton is undergoing doesn’t just impact their company—it raises the bar for their entire industry. That’s also what we’re doing with a large retailer.

We’re working side by side with our client with the end goal of using Azure’s capabilities to make their employees’ jobs easier. That will include using AI and machine learning to innovate and bring products to market faster.

Through data platform modernization, the retailer will be able to transform the way its employees work—and this, in turn, will empower associates to make the customer’s experience even better.

What these stories show is that when you implement new technology, it can’t just be technology for technology’s sake; it has to be something meaningful to your people.

That’s especially true when migrating to the cloud. Empowering your people to drive change is where the real value of migrating to Azure lies—and is at the center of the partnership between Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft.

Emma McGuigan

Global Lead – Intelligent Platform Services

Deb Cupp

CVP Enterprise & Commercial Industries, Microsoft

Pamela Maynard

Chief Executive Officer at Avanade

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