Accenture’s approach to artificial intelligence (AI) is unique. We call it Applied Intelligence. It’s all about bringing data and AI together with a human-centric approach that embeds them into a business’s core. Our focus? Creating industry solutions that harness applied intelligence to deliver real business value for our enterprise clients—at scale.

Our approach? Always start with the outcome our clients need to achieve. And it’s that commitment that has helped Accenture to be ranked number one overall among 14 service providers in the HFS Research Top Ten report for Google AI Services 2019. The research assessed providers across a number of categories, with Accenture ranked first in: Scale, delivery of value, focus on business outcomes and process transformation and enterprise clients’ feedback.

Our top-ranking validates how we’re leading the way in using AI to achieve real business outcomes. We don’t see AI as a standalone capability. Instead, it’s the engine that powers speed, agility and insight across all our offerings. It’s that power that Accenture and Google Cloud, working together, are harnessing to create new solutions for our clients.

So far, we’ve been working in four key areas. Applied Customer Engagement uses AI-powered customer care. Intelligent Revenue Growth harnesses AI and advanced machine learning to create insights from new data sources. Advanced Sales Interaction turns data into business insights that increase customer value and loyalty. And Unstructured Document Analysis uses natural language processing and understanding to mine millions of unstructured documents to optimize areas like compliance and fraud prevention.

Together, we are enabling clients to use AI, automation and advanced analytics to grow and transform their core businesses and deliver new capabilities that are really moving the needle on business performance. Examples include SAP on Google Cloud Platform , using AI to create self-optimizing models and algorithms’, Cloud 4 Marketing, harnessing AI to drive revenue growth and Enterprise Cloud Services, the real-time, AI-everywhere data architecture.

Incredible advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are happening at an ever-faster pace. It’s no surprise that our clients are showing tremendous interest. Our research1 reveals that 85% of executives intend to invest in AI over the next three years. And AI has the potential to kick-start profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035—leading to an economic boost of US $14 trillion across 16 industries in 12 economies by 2035. In this year’s Technology Vision, we’re seeing how as digital becomes table stakes for all businesses, companies will need to adopt a new set of emerging technologies to differentiate and compete—with AI prominent among them.

So how do we deliver value at scale in practice? Here are just a few examples: We’ve helped a North American Telco embed analytics, AI and automation to transform the customer experience, significantly raising customer satisfaction and making multi-million dollar savings. We enabled a social media platform to identify and target the right prospects for advertising, using predictive modelling to transform sales efficiency and boost annualized revenues by over $25 million. And we worked with a global electronics retailer to use machine-learning to predict when and why customers were returning items. We discovered that customers with the highest propensity to return were also the most profitable—a counterintuitive insight that only applied intelligence could have found.

Google is, of course, a pioneer in AI. We all use their products every day, so it’s easy to overlook just how advanced they are. Seven products have over a billion users each. And the huge amounts of data that Google is able to harness for its AI is one of the key factors behind the power of Google AI platform’s and its potential for innovation.

To deliver more to our clients in every area including AI, we’ve cemented our strong relationship with Google Cloud, creating the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group (AGBG). This dedicated business unit operates as a central hub, bringing our joint strengths to innovate AI and optimize new Cloud offerings. By combining Accenture’s deep industry, enterprise and technology expertise with Google Cloud’s innovation, the AGBG is opening new areas of opportunity for us to create business value with our clients across multiple industries. We’re embedding Google AI into our leading-edge platforms that are enabling our clients to harness the transformational power of applied intelligence across areas ranging from customer engagement to healthcare and revenue growth to asset management.

There’s no question that AI is creating incredibly exciting possibilities. What’s even more exciting? Applying them to grow and transform enterprises at scale with intelligent solutions to solve today’s biggest business challenges and capture new opportunities in the digital world.

1 Accenture Technology Vision 2018

Arnab Chakraborty

Managing Director & Global Google Cloud Lead

Brian McKillips

Managing Director & Global Lead – Accenture Google Cloud Business Group

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