Customer service leaders recognize the opportunity to transform the contact center. One of the most powerful opportunities is conversational AI—the use of machines to augment and enhance customer interactions. Yet navigating the myriad of conversational AI solutions—and integrating them within an existing infrastructure—can be a scary proposition.

It doesn’t have to be.

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As part of Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement multi-service solution, we have integrated Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI). CCAI offers three ways to get started with confidence:  

1. Focus on call containment

In building CCAI, Google partnered with a leading telephony platform provider. These integrations make it easier to transition from traditional interactive voice response (IVR) systems to more natural conversations with an AI-powered voicebot.  

In other words, instead of making their way through complex phone trees, customers can simply use their own voices to communicate what they need. That, in turn, improves an organization’s ability to resolve calls before customers need the support of an agent, which drives lower cost to serve – and higher customer satisfaction.  

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While we can’t fully automate the “human touch,” it is possible to arm contact center agents with insights to improve how they serve. That’s the power of agent assist using CCAI. 

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2. Empower your agents

Of course, not every call can be contained with a voicebot. Human agents will remain essential for more complex cases – and for customers whose profiles necessitate a more personal touch. While we can’t fully automate the “human touch,” it is possible to arm contact center agents with insights to improve how they serve. That’s the power of agent assist using CCAI. 

The platform leverages AI and machine learning as it “listens in” to customer-agent conversations. It interprets the interaction and then proactively serves up resources to the agent – from suggested scripts to supporting documents from your knowledge database.   

3.  Leap from anecdotes to insights

CCAI’s agent assist strengths help finetune individual conversations. But one of the most sophisticated capabilities of CCAI takes that a step further: making it possible to monitor, manage and continually improve the quality of all interactions on an ongoing basis.  

The platform’s AI/ML can listen to all calls and then generate data-driven insights from those customer interactions. Contact center leaders no longer have to rely on spot checks or other anecdotal methods of identifying opportunities for process or workforce improvement. Analyzing a wide swath of conversational records yields rich insights on call quality, sentiment analysis and other key indicators of agent performance and customer experience. 

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When deployed as part of Advanced Customer Engagement, Google Cloud’s CCAI offers even greater speed, scale and confidence. Accenture’s pre-built, industry-specific intent libraries help accelerate deployment, while the support of experience designers helps ensure effective workflows for your agents. Other technology components, such as bot orchestrators, streamline the process of gathering and integrating data from backend systems, powered by Apigee.

Simplifying the process of implementing conversational AI technology makes it faster and easier to move forward – at scale and with confidence.

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Fernando Constantino

Senior Manager, Applied Intelligence

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