Here’s a scenario that probably won’t be hard to envision: You’re connected to your wireless network working while one of your children is connected to their virtual classroom, your spouse is connected to a webinar and your other child is streaming movies. Everyone is connected to one network, on multiple devices all at the same time. A typical day in your household.

Here’s where things might seem more futuristic: Although your connectivity seems to be working fine, your Internet service provider sends you a text out of the blue.

The message lets you know that your at-home networking equipment seems to be underperforming. The provider texts steps for you to follow to update your system, which your provider hopes will enhance your system’s performance to optimal levels. When that doesn’t work, you get another text message offering to schedule an in-home visit by a technician – an appointment you’re able to set up via messaging.

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Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement helps create and scale interactions that drive operational savings for the organization and value for the customer.

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You’re already impressed with the proactive outreach and ease of scheduling. But you’re really wowed a few days later when the provider sends a follow-up to ensure that the appointment still works – and makes it equally fast and simple to reschedule for a more convenient day and time.

Would you be even more blown away to know that these kinds of complex, multiday customer journeys are now being fully managed by artificial intelligence? (It’s true.)

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Enriching interactions

With Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement multi-service offering, we’re helping organizations across industries to enrich customer interactions. Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement helps create and scale interactions that drive operational savings for the organization and value for the customer. It uses data and automation to connect customers to the right conversational experiences at the right time – even when those experiences are complicated.

Here are three ways we’re helping private and public sector organizations use AI to enrich the customer experiences they deliver:

  1. Enabling proactive engagement. Those text messages from an ISP are just one example of how this approach is coming to life in the real world. The ability to predict and proactively address service needs can help manage experiences (like home repair) over a multiday journey, preventing reactive contacts and the associated costs. It can also help in facilitating smoother, more effective customer journeys. The ability to schedule – and reschedule – with a few taps on a smartphone is convenient for customers. For providers, avoiding bad truck rolls can translate into significant cost savings.
  2. Digitizing personal experiences. Customer self-service has been around for years. But now AI is changing the game in terms of sophistication, scale and speed. Once you have trained virtual agents to handle a set of questions or requests, that training can be repeated seamlessly across channels. So it no longer matters where a customer starts (perhaps at the Contact Us page of your website) or ends (maybe via Facebook or WhatsApp messaging) their interaction with you.
  3. Empowering human interactions. One of AI’s most important capabilities: knowing its own limitations. Sometimes a human-to-human contact is the optimal way to resolve an issue or delight a customer. Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement also includes capabilities for behavioral pairing (that is, identifying those “must-human moments”) and AI-powered agent assist (which deploys AI to make your workers even more effective when interacting with customers).

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We have many examples of organizations that are using Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement to address the experience, workforce and platform elements required to create, scale and continually improve customer interactions – and achieve key outcomes. How might Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement help your organization?

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John Bolze

Senior Managing Director – Global Activation Lead, Applied Intelligence

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