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March 21, 2019

Can workplace culture drive innovation and advance careers?

Design Thinking

The answer is yes and yes.

In fact, a culture of equality not only helps everyone advance to higher positions; it’s also a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth.

Growing your career
Innovation equals business survival—but encouraging innovation is about more than just recruiting the brightest minds. Having the right talent in place is an asset, but people need the right workplace culture to reach their full potential.

Accenture’s research shows that a culture of equality has more impact than age or gender and leads to an increase in people’s willingness and ability to innovate in all industries across the globe.

This year’s report, Getting to Equal 2019: Creating a culture that drives innovation, provides a guide for how organizations can create an inclusive environment that drives innovation mindset—and, in turn, offers the opportunity to advance careers.

A roadmap to unleashing innovation
Fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace is a vital building block to unleash innovation. To drive a culture of equality, three components are essential:

  1. Empowering Environment + Purpose + Autonomy. Training and development opportunities, greater flexibility and commitment to work-life balance are the most powerful drivers of an innovation mindset. Employees are empowered by a shared sense of purpose, paired with autonomy, which helps them reach their individual potential.

  2. Bold Leadership + Experimentation + Resources. Culture starts at the top. Setting and publishing diversity targets, holding the leadership team accountable and measuring progress are critical steps. Leaders must give employees the resources they need to innovate and the freedom to fail.

  3. Comprehensive Action + Inspiration + Collaboration. Forward-looking policies and practices are important, but they must also be evenly accessible to ensure that individuals or groups don’t feel singled out or held back. When employees are inspired by those inside and outside the organization, their commitment to living the company’s core values, and for collaborating with one another, grows.

When all people feel a sense of belonging and being valued for their unique contributions, perspectives and circumstances, they are empowered to innovate more.

Drive innovation in everything you do. Find your fit at Accenture.

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