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March 28, 2018

Work, Reimagined: 8 Must-Have Skills in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more pervasive, what does that mean for the future of work? If human-machine collaboration is reshaping businesses and industries, do you have the skills you need to embrace the real power of AI and build a successful career in the workforce of the future?

The Accenture Research global survey on the Future of Work shows that workers recognize that the pace of change is accelerating as a result of new technologies like AI. But the skills built for work in the past may not be relevant in the workforce of the future; it’s time to adapt to stay relevant and competitive.

Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, a new book co-authored by Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, and Jim Wilson, Managing Director of Information Technology and Business Research at Accenture Research, highlights the ways businesses are reimagining processes and embracing the new rules of AI.

In the new era of human-machine interaction, there are continuous circles of learning, as machines learn from us simultaneously as we are learning from them.

Human Machine book

Human + Machine identifies eight new “fusion skills” that are imperative for success in an AI workplace, drawing on the blending of human and machine talents within a business process to create better outcomes than when each works independently.

8 Fusion Skills for a Workplace of “Collaborative Intelligence”:

  1. Rehumanizing time. As we no longer rely on the concept of “machine time,” adopted to keep up with assembly lines and, later, to computers in office environments, there’s a new way to think about time and work. People will have more time to dedicate toward more “human activities,” such as increasing interpersonal interactions and conducting creative research.

  2. Responsible normalizing. It’s time to rethink and responsibly shape, or “normalize,” the purpose and perception of human-machine interaction as it relates to individuals, businesses and society as a whole.

  3. Judgment integration. In some instances, a machine may be uncertain about or lack the necessary business or ethical context to make decisions. People must be prepared to sense where, how and when to step in to provide input.

  4. Intelligent interrogation. People simply can’t probe massively complex systems or predict interactions between complex layers of data on their own. It’s imperative to have the ability to ask machines the right “smart” questions across multiple levels.

  5. Bot-based empowerment. A variety of bots are available to help people be more productive and become better at their jobs. Prepare to embrace the power of AI agents to extend your capabilities, reinvent business processes and even boost your professional career.

  6. Holistic (physical and mental) melding. In the age of human-machine fusion, holistic melding will become increasingly important. The full reimagination of business processes only becomes possible when humans create working mental models of how machines work and learn, and when machines capture user-behavior data to update their interactions.

  7. Reciprocal apprenticing. In the past, technological education has gone in one direction: People have learned how to use machines. But with AI, machines are learning from humans, and humans, in turn, learn again from machines. In the future, people will perform tasks alongside AI agents to learn new skills, and will receive on-the-job training to work well within AI-enhanced processes.

  8. Relentless reimagining. This hybrid skill is the ability to reimagine how things currently are—and to keep reimagining how AI can transform and improve work, organizational processes, business models and even entire industries.

The people of Accenture aren’t just preparing for the workforce of the future; they’re inventing it. Find an opportunity with our team, and build the skills you need to succeed.

“Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI,” is now available everywhere, including at, and

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