August 17, 2017
Women in Tech Create with Code
By: Yuko Kuroki

I’m an expert in designing and building IT infrastructure and architecture, but when I was a student, I didn’t learn anything about technology. I executed UNIX commands for the first time early in my career, which opened a new path for me. I always wanted to innovate and be a creator, so I became an engineer to create systems with code. My career in technology turned out to be a lot more creative and flexible than I had imagined, with endless opportunities.

I’ve enjoyed getting hands-on experience with cloud and virtualization technology at Accenture. I worked for a year and a half on a system-integration project that I loved. My team and I helped a client in the Communications, Media and Technology industry replace its legacy accounting system with a customized system that helped the company work more efficiently at a lower operating cost. From defining the requirements through operation of the final system, working on every stage of the project was a rewarding learning experience. And great teamwork helped to make the project successful.

My current team is based in Japan, although we have a few team members from China and other countries. More than half of us are women, and I think our team does a great job of valuing everyone’s contributions and accommodating each person’s unique working style. What inspires me the most is that my team members have strong technology skills and are always eager to learn about and apply the latest tech trends.

The depth and breadth of Accenture provides opportunities that weren’t available when I worked at a smaller company. At Accenture, I can communicate directly with our clients and play a major role in projects. This is rewarding for me, because I’m providing strategic solutions for my client, and I know that my work contributes to the economic growth of Japan. I love keeping up with new technology, and there are always challenging new roles to take on within Accenture, allowing me to continually learn and grow.

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