Josefine Olsson
Technology Strategy Consultant, Stockholm
October 04, 2018

Why Women in Tech Need Strong Role Models

Women in Tech

There’s a clear and visible momentum growing within Accenture Technology Strategy to create a more gender-equal workforce. There’s a strong focus, a commitment from the top, a sense of urgency to achieve our diversity goals. And diversity is absolutely crucial to be able to drive innovation with impact.

Technology Strategy is all about solving complex problems, and if you can combine different backgrounds and perspectives, then you come up with a better solution. I truly believe that great minds shouldn’t think alike; you need a range of skill sets and viewpoints on projects to provide real results.

Leading the charge
Strong role models are leading the charge and the change. As you grow your career, it’s important that you have access to people you can identify with. It’s vital that we highlight strong, successful women in Accenture Strategy—empowering people to build on their strengths and showing the way for others.

I’ve had some great role models, mentors and career counselors in Technology Strategy who influenced me as I’ve watched the career paths they followed. It’s important to find the right role models and mentors who you can take bits and pieces of inspiration from. As a mentor and role model in the workplace myself, I’ve tried to be active and visible, speaking at various conferences on the latest topics and trends but also sharing my personal experiences to inspire people around me.

Pave your own way
Ultimately, you must find your own career path and stay true to your interests and passions. I love digital strategy and supporting clients in understanding how emerging technologies such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence(AI) and analytics can transform their organizations and business models.

But I also have a particular passion for sustainability, which I’ve been able to explore and develop through my work at Accenture—looking at technology as an enabler of sustainable innovation.

I don’t see any barriers being a woman in Technology Strategy, and I don’t have to follow the same career path as everyone else. I focus on what I’m good at, especially as a creative “people person”.

I love new technology. By combining my strengths with sustainability and innovation, I put my own interpretation on what Technology Strategy is really about.

Commitment from the top
Having the right role models and mentors is a vital element of helping women succeed at work, but it’s also important to have more formal initiatives in place. Accenture has partnered with and sponsored the Women in Tech conference, specifically designed for females who are passionate about the tech space.

We built a Women in Sweden Network, which holds regular events, and we arranged a Future is Female event in 2018. During the event, I joined other Accenture female leaders to speak about topics such as responsible AI and fashion technology to capture a female audience.

We are also fostering a “Truly Human” culture at Accenture, which empowers everyone to bring their true personality to work and encourages a team spirit in which everyone stands up for each other. Whenever someone is being stretched or in a tricky situation, we’re there for each other, which gives a great sense of involvement and engagement.

We’re making significant progress in creating the workforce and workplace we want. Join me and we can take further strides toward ensuring a diverse work environment.

Join the Technology Strategy team.

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