Franklyn Zhu
Technology Summer Analyst
October 25, 2017

Why My Accenture Technology Internship Was one of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

Last summer, I was trying to decide between a software engineering internship and an Accenture Technology internship in Chicago. As someone equally interested in the intersection of technology and business, I can say that choosing Accenture was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Franklyn Zhu

First, on the engineering experience I received: At Accenture, we got to work along the full stack. I personally had the opportunity to:

  • Build three web apps from scratch using Angular2/RxJs (a live-chat app, a data records dashboard, and an API search interface).

  • Build backends with Node.js and Amazon Web Services (DynamoDB, Lambda functions, EC2).

  • Work on a java micro service backend using the Netflix OSS stack.

  • Set up a full DevOps pipeline from scratch, from continuous integration to continuous deployment, using Jenkins.

It was super intense, but I learned so much. I was working with a team of about eight senior developers, and they pushed me every single day. The engineering practices are stellar, because that’s what we were selling. To top it off, our work was demoed to Fortune 500 CEOs—I got to listen in on the meetings, too!

This brings me to the business-side experience I received. At a pure tech company, you focus narrowly on building software. At Accenture, you see how that software is applied in the real world. Over the summer, I was able to have one-on-one meetings with many managing directors, each of whom were responsible for a different industry—financial services, health care, technology, etc. It was fascinating hearing their perspectives on where they thought their industries were going. Also, the mentorship culture at Accenture is phenomenal!

If you’re interested in the intersection of business and technology, the Accenture Technology internship is one of the most exciting ones out there!

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