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September 24, 2015
Why invest in Workday Rising?
By: Beth Boettcher

On Tuesday, Workday Rising will kick off three days of presentations and discussion around products, process and, most importantly, customer results. As a Titanium Sponsor, Accenture’s team has been preparing for months. Our people will be busy attending sessions, co-presenting with clients and discussing services in our booth. We have our schedule for the week nearly locked down and I am excited about what we have in store for our clients, prospects, practitioners.

But it isn’t the sheer volume of activity that inspires Accenture to invest in Workday Rising. It’s the unique opportunities that must be uncovered. It’s all about connections, understanding and fresh thinking.

  • Connections: At the heart of their business, Workday instills a spirit of collaboration with the aim that their clients will reap the results. I look forward to meeting with other Workday implementation partners, hearing from our clients about what they demand from Workday and their integrators, and meeting with prospects to help evangelize why Workday is the market leader for enabling human capital transformations. Above all, I look forward to connecting clients with other clients who are facing the same challenges and looking for the same solutions. This event isn’t about one-way discussion or providers guiding customers. It’s about everyone walking away with new inspiration and connections, wherever they come from.

  • Understanding: All conferences have tracks that discuss product evolution, new features and functions. What I am eager to understand is what people do with those new features and functions. I’m interested in the secrets of others' success—and lessons learned. I also want to hear what our clients and practitioners have to say—whether it’s about something they loved or were befuddled by during presentations. So you can bet, I’ll be paying as much attention to audience questions as the answers in any session.

  • Fresh Thinking: Accenture has taken a fresh approach to all aspects of our Workday business. Most notably, we’ve created:

    • An innovative talent development strategy, confirming that Workday customers demand more than certified Workday resources. They need well rounded consultants who help guide them to make well informed, rapid decisions.

    • Proven application management approach, which helps our clients do more than simply “keep the lights on.” We help our clients optimize their Workday solution and find ways to make the most of their investment.

    • An industry-led agenda, helping our clients understand leading practices within their peer group

In my role as the Global Workday practice lead, I look forward to sharing this thinking with customers and partners at the conference. Beyond that, I want the Accenture participants to be empowered to uncover more fresh thinking, bring back new ways of working, and gain a new understanding of the enormous opportunity for career growth and fulfillment in this space.

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