Jeff Larche
Jeff Larche
Digital Marketing Senior Manager, Chicago, Illinois
January 30, 2019

Why Dynamic Duads Drive Successful Outcomes

What’s the secret to becoming a truly successful company?
Once, while standing in the café in our Chicago Digital Hub, I scanned an email on my phone. It described the three key ingredients Accenture experts consider their “secret recipe” for the company’s success:

  1. People. Our people are the best and brightest in the industry, top innovators of today—and tomorrow.

  2. Culture. We’re a literal global collective of diverse talent and personalities, combining to innovate and iterate.

  3. Purpose.We are dedicated to innovating together to improve the way the world works and lives through the leading-edge work we do every day.

If I listed the first item without including the second, you’d think Accenture hires top people and finds them a desk where they can be privately brilliant. But it’s about collaboration, about great minds innovating together to address the specific purpose at hand.

Strength in small numbers
In my long career, elsewhere but especially at Accenture, I’ve experience one extremely powerful team configuration: the duad. That’s my coinage for the deep and powerful collaborations where just two people come together to solve a problem.

I’ve been the lucky half of several successful duads at Accenture. I believe one of the reasons Accenture is such fertile ground for this type of collaboration is its emphasis on diversity. Not just diversity of experience, or place of origin, or some other aspect that sets humans apart from the pack, but a diversity of strengths.

Tools such as online personal strength assessments help Accenture bring together teams of people whose personal skills and strengths complement each other for the most successful outcome. An unexpected value for me through one of these assessments was that it showed what I can best bring to a team and helped me seek out those whose strengths most fully complement my own.

Finding the yin to my yang
More than in other team configurations, complementary skills are key to excellent duads. In fact, the best duads can seem grossly mismatched.

My own two-person collaborations can be described as yin/yang. For example, if I were in school today, I would be diagnosed as mildly dyslexic; a firm grasp of minutia can be difficult for me. So, it’s no surprise that my partners in collaboration are typically detail-oriented extraverts.

Early in my career, I thought finding an amazing teammate was like lightning striking. “Don’t hold your breath,” I’d think, “because it’s rare.” Since joining Accenture, I’ve learned better. Great teams are more a product of a workplace design than happenstance.

Work with the industry’s best and brightest and do work that makes a difference every day. Find your fit with Accenture.

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