May 08, 2017
Want to grow your market share? Implement agile manufacturing.
By: Mike Hortiatis

A senior operations executive of a global manufacturing company may be frequently asked to adjust the manufacturing capacity, respond to new customers’ orders, and reduce costs. Consider a scenario in which your manufacturing staff are constantly changing production schedules, which causes workforce absentee levels and employee turnover to increase. Competitors introduce products, which causes company market share to decline. Customer experience metrics are the lowest in the last eighteen months. In order to get back on track and to compete in this dynamic market and expand an e-commerce business model, you have decided to implement agile manufacturing.

Where should you start? To implement agile manufacturing, companies must have integrated internal systems and a collaborative technology to leverage internal and external knowledgeable resources to develop products and services and to enhance manufacturing operations to deliver customer value. As a senior executive, you want to compete in the global market place profitably. To do this, you need to determine:

  • Whether you have the right information to design your supply chain to capture sales and market share objectives

  • Whether your company knows its customers’ behavior and whether the customers are willing to pay for its products

  • Whether your company operates in the digital environment and, if so, whether you are getting the business intelligence (BI) from big data to make informed decisions on manufacturing strategy

  • Whether your company promotes and enables collaboration and information sharing for informed decision making

Do you want your company to collaborate in product design and production processes that enable manufacturing flexibility to support changing customer and market trends? The Accenture Academy courses Concepts of Agile Manufacturing, Role of the Digital Environment in Agile Manufacturing, Agile Manufacturing Principles, Product Development, and Risk, and Considerations for Agile Manufacturing Implementation will help you recognize the concepts of agile manufacturing, identify the digital role in agile manufacturing, recognize the impact of agile principles on new product development, and determine how to implement agile manufacturing.

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Accenture Academy offers proven, cost-effective learning solutions for a more versatile workforce and a more agile organization. We provide a flexible learning approach that helps your people be more versatile and your entire organization be more agile in the marketplace. Curriculum includes Supply Chain Management, Finance, Procurement, Analytics, Leadership & Management and Specialty Skills.


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