Jonathan Jayanthakumar and Ewen Plougastel
Digital Business Integration Manager and Digital Business Integration Executive, Singapore
July 03, 2019

Our Virtual Bartender Serves More Than Drinks

Meet Swiggy, the virtual bartender. She’s ready to whip up your drink on command, and even offer a splash of small talk while you wait.

You can interact with her much like you would a human bartender. She can tell you a joke, recommend a drink, answer questions about Accenture and chat about topics ranging from the future of artificial intelligence (AI) to whether she’s heard of Chuck Norris. She’ll even take a selfie with you.

She’s also an example of the digital future—and how AI is the new UI, transforming the customer experience.

The AI revolution
AI is more than just the latest tech buzzword; it just might be the biggest technology revolution the world has ever seen. And it’s dramatically changing the rules across industries and processes.

Developed in the Accenture Digital Hub in Singapore by the ASEAN Applied Intelligence Delivery Team, Swiggy demonstrates the way AI, machine learning and chatbot technology featuring natural language processing can be applied in the business world.

AI technology is enabling new, powerful ways for businesses to engage with their customers. The Swiggy voice-controlled virtual bartender is an example of design-thinking mentality and showcases AI features integrated to provide a glimpse of the future of the user experience:

  • Facial recognition: Leveraging deep learning techniques, Swiggy’s facial recognition technology can detect your age and gender and even recognize you on your next visit. She can also make sure she’s not selling alcohol to minors.
  • Virtual agent: Swiggy is equipped with a voice chatbot powered by natural language processing, so she can deliver a more natural, intuitive conversational experience with customers.
  • Personalization: Based on a machine-learning algorithm, Swiggy learns from past orders, your persona and even the context of the interaction—from the day of the week to the weather—to provide personalized drink recommendations.
  • Incremental machine learning: Swiggy is constantly learning and continuously improving her skills.
  • Optical character recognition: She can read and memorize business card information to help her remember you on your next visit.
  • Robotics: Swiggy serves your drinks with an articulated robot arm, displaying the way robotics can perform more monotonous, repetitive tasks.
  • Predictive maintenance: Through predictive sensors, Swiggy can predict when the drinks will run out. By predicting problems before they even happen, maintenance becomes proactive rather than reactive.

The AI-powered future of industry
So, other than a potential new “face” at your weekly happy hour, what does a virtual bartender like Swiggy mean for the future of industry? Here’s a glimpse into the potential impact on business processes reimagined, fueled by the power of AI:

  • Facial services: New, innovative AI customer channels to process forms, obtain customer information and process bank transactions.
  • Products: Virtual services to provide customers with information that could be unobtainable by humans.
  • Government: Virtual chatbots to automate registration forms and permit applications.
  • Communications, media and technology: AI customer service channels to provide operational support.
  • Supply Chain: Automated KPIs and metrics to improve supply chain operations.

Accenture Innovators aren’t just dreaming up the future; they’re shaping it. AI presents great opportunities for humans (you) and machines to collaborate. Come join the innovators at Accenture who are making it happen.

Find your fit with the Accenture Digital team, and reimagine the way the world lives, works and plays.

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