January 16, 2017
A unique opportunity at the intersection of technology and business
By: Laure Kroely, MBA student at London Business School and recent Accenture Strategy intern

I started my MBA at London Business School with the fierce intent to open myself to new challenges. For the first time, London Business School MBA students had the opportunity to work with Accenture Strategy teams on the Digital Transformation of Industries (DTI) project and to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 in Davos — a career-changing experience.

My passion for the tech industry led me to apply to this incredible internship. Another strong driver was the opportunity to work for Accenture Strategy, a strategy consulting firm with a clear focus and expertise on technology.

I was thrilled to be selected to be part of the program, and to work on the Platform Economy cross-industry theme, focusing on the regulatory challenges and imperatives for the success of B2B platforms.

In addition to supporting the overall development of the DTI research, I also prepared case studies reviewing the ways companies had successfully built their online platforms. What I enjoyed most during the internship was the incredible diversity of companies, business models and industries I came across. For example, when I worked on agricultural platforms, I learned how far-reaching technology is in the industrial B2B world. It was fascinating to learn about the platforms developed by Monsanto or John Deere, where farmers can assess dynamic records of soil, crop growth and weather patterns maps to allow for personalized recommendation on how to improve yields and reduce risks.

My biggest takeaway from the DTI project was the importance of capturing, analyzing and protecting data for the success of online platforms. Firms need to develop digital talent, grow their IT capabilities and implement a coherent strategy for data management and analytics and to ensure leadership in the platform ecosystem.

My internship at Accenture Strategy has been a consistent learning opportunity where I benefited from great feedback and advice on the iterative process of drafting a report and case studies for a high-level client. By working on a cross-industry project, I gained a global understanding of the characteristics of efficient platforms in different industries and markets.

The journey is only beginning, as I am very excited to be heading to Davos in a few days to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017.

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