September 14, 2016
Uncovering the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT)
By: Sid Ghatak

The Internet is a revolution that holds the promise of transforming our lives completely. While the first phase of the Internet focused on connecting devices used in businesses and personal lives, the next phase will focus on connecting objects into a vast network.

This network, called the Internet of things (IOT), will enable the seamless exchange of data between machines, vehicles, packages, containers, and even consumable medications. We will record and exchange data between these objects, and the objects themselves will take autonomous actions based on developed algorithms. This transformation in how things connect will affect every aspect of our personal and work lives and promises to have an enormous economic impact throughout the world.

With IoT, all industries will see changes in how they do business. Four key industries predicted to experience the most effects include pharmaceuticals, supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing. All roles directly or indirectly related to these industries must prepare to receive this revolution and adapt to the changes. You will need to understand the potential use cases of IoT for your industry, as well as the specific challenges you may face.

For example, using IoT technologies in the pharmaceutical industry will change how we manufacture, test, and deliver products as well as how patients consume them. Similarly, in supply chain, IoT will bring dramatic improvements for controlling and tracking inventory.

IoT is about connected devices that will generate enormous amounts of data. How will you understand and manage this data? What are the risks of working with this data? How will IoT replace humans for many tasks? The Accenture Academy courses Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on the Pharmaceutical Industry, Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on the Supply Chain, Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Logistics, and Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Manufacturing provide valuable background on the rapidly evolving topic of IoT and its impact on key industry groups.

These courses provide knowledge you need to become familiar with the potential of IoT and to help you apply these technological advancements to your business.

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