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September 05, 2014
The unconventionals boom: How can oil and gas companies of the future advance traditional methods to quickly scale up on talent?
By: Susy Tamminga

The boom in unconventional exploration continues to add to oil and gas companies’ asset portfolios across the globe. As technology supporting unconventional drilling continues to improve, and drilling programs increase and grow at a rapid pace, operators are challenged on multiple fronts to find new ways to quickly scale up in this new industry segment and better leverage an overextended workforce.

A global talent gap has developed necessary to support the growing well counts and larger land footprints operated by exploration and production companies. Oil and gas companies are increasingly sourcing scarce skills wherever those skills reside, whether in house or outsourced/contracted. Yet they struggle to source these skills at pace. Additionally, companies are challenged to retain top talent as both operators and vendors have amped up aggressive recruiting efforts.

Skilled resources are traditionally seasoned veterans, who have been grown and cultivated organically over 20 or more years. This approach is no long adequate or fit for purpose. It’s time for a dramatic change.

Oil and gas companies must adopt industrialized, reliable, flexible, scalable approaches to growing and retaining talent. They need to look for ways to adopt cost-effective industrialized training programs, optimize their operating model with diverse workforces, target recruiting efforts at the next generation, and retain top talent.

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