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December 15, 2017
Transforming the customer experience
By: David Logue

Spending time surrounded by 897 of the commercial and medical leaders from the Life Sciences industry at this year’s Veeva Commercial and Medical Summit has been awe-inspiring. Themed around how Life Sciences companies can ‘Accelerate their Digital Enterprise’, the Summit was hugely successful in demonstrating how the industry is moving closer to this goal.

Veeva ran a very high-quality event that really showcased the very best of what endeavours had been taking place throughout the year. This year’s Summit has grown exponentially over its 5-year lifetime and was packed with 118 companies and showcased 27 presentations across four tracks:

1. Accelerate your Digital Supply Chain

2. Accelerate Lifecycle Management through Cross-Organisational Collaboration

3. Accelerate your Multichannel Engagement

4. Accelerate your Insights-Driven Commercial Execution

It was my absolute pleasure to speak about my point of view on how to transform the customer experience through intelligent content optimisation and reuse. I shared my perspectives on what successful companies have done both within Pharma, and outside the industry to bring some additional insights for people to mull over. I also shared Accenture’s findings from our State of Content survey to help illustrate some data points that attendees could use to support their case for change.

As an added treat, I had the pleasure of joining Shire’s Naomi O’Connell in a discussion with the Industry media about whether Digital is happening in Pharma, alongside Veeva’s leaders Paul Shawah, David Bennett and Jan van den Burg.

Other highlights from the summit included Veeva CEO Peter Gassner’s superb keynote on what the future would hold, Bayer sharing their success in building their Global Content Factory and finally the most amazing talk from a blind explorer in his 69th year, Miles Hilton-Barber who encouraged the delegates to reflect on their work-life balance with more emphasis on the LIFE part. Truly inspiring.

My overall impression of the Summit from seeing the tangible progress and passion of the delegates is that the future is very bright for Pharma’s customers and patients.

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