June 27, 2016
Too many competing initiatives?
By: Kress Riley

Are you struggling with trying to get your arms around all of the initiatives that are being thrown your way and then trying to figure out how to address them from a learning perspective? If so, that doesn’t surprise me, because the list is growing, and it creates challenges even for us at the Academy. Not only do we have to continue to build out and enhance the core and cross-functional areas, but we also have to think about the new emerging needs, such as zero-based budgeting (ZBB), digital, the digital supply chain, analytics, talent gap, workforce of the future, and more. 

The good news is the Accenture Academy has been thinking about and working on many of these for more than a year. Additionally, there is a lot more commonality in these initiatives than you might think. For example, at the root of ZBB is a focused investment on growth initiatives by eliminating nonworking spend and focusing on the present and future spend, while not basing it on the past. As you think about growth, the focus typically shifts to digital and the need to improve the end-to-end process while creating the capability for more innovation to better align with clients’ or end users’ quickly changing demands and needs. Both the shift to digital and ZBB requires more data and analytics to understand and make better fact-based decisions. The challenge then shifts to talent and whether there is a talent gap with the existing and the new emerging roles and competencies that are required. Said another way, are you prepared for the needs of the workforce of the future? 

If these topics are starting to pop up on your radar, let us know at the Academy, because we’ve helped a number of clients in many of these areas.

  • ZBB. We’re working with several large, global clients who recently implemented ZBB. The Academy helps to build the new skills, such as spend analytics or total cost of ownership, needed for employees to be successful in their changing roles.

  • Analytics. This is one of the most critical skills needed in the marketplace today. Over 250,000 analytics jobs are vacant currently in the United States, for want of qualified applicants. Many of our clients are prescribing small curricula of analytics courses for all their supply chain and finance employees in an effort to quickly build capabilities in this area.

  • End-to-end supply chain. We’ve also seen an increase in the number of clients actively building cross-functional skills in their employee base to ensure employees understand all functions and areas within the organization, not just the function (such as sourcing) that they currently work in. At one of our consumer packaged goods clients, for example, all employees were required to take a foundational supply chain curriculum that emphasized supply chain integration and agility before taking courses within their specific function.

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Accenture Academy offers proven, cost-effective learning solutions for a more versatile workforce and a more agile organization. We provide a flexible learning approach that helps your people be more versatile and your entire organization be more agile in the marketplace. Curriculum includes Supply Chain Management, Finance, Procurement, Analytics, Leadership & Management and Specialty Skills.


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