January 21, 2019
Managing and disrupting procurement: Introducing RadixOne
By: Tom Fahey

In an environment of rapidly-advancing technologies, emerging business models and evolving stakeholder expectations, procurement organizations know the pressure is on to deliver new value from sourcing and procurement—value that goes well beyond generating cost savings. For most, it’s a hard-fought journey of change but one that brings rewards in the end.

We’ve been on a procurement journey at Accenture too. As part of our longtime investment in innovation to help procurement organizations stay ahead of change, we’ll soon launch RadixOne—the next generation of our Radix source-to-pay platform— for our managed services clients.

When people ask me to describe what’s different about RadixOne, I explain it like this. The solution manages and disrupts procurement. Think of it this way. While the platform manages all the natural steps in executing source-to-pay transactions, it’s intelligent so it knows when unnecessary process steps can be skipped to improve efficiency while preserving accuracy.


Preview Accenture’s new source-to-pay platform. Our Tom Fahey reveals what he’s most excited about.



Here’s a quick preview of some of the RadixOne benefits that I’m most excited about:

1. UNITY: Connecting disparate points of entry
The name says it best. RadixOne is the unifying platform for all things source-to-pay. It’s our single digital environment for complete source-to-pay workflows, reporting and analytics, market discovery and spend trends. One access point drives new consistency across categories, businesses and geographies, and applications. RadixOne is also a gateway for users to interact with our people and with our AI-powered digital agent “Alma” who can answer how-to process questions and provide status updates.

2. EXPERIENCE: Procurement for people
A guiding force in our development of RadixOne was to create an easy, engaging experience with a modern user interface and functionality. The result is a cutting-edge digital platform that hasn’t lost sight of the human aspects of procurement. Users will be able to see, touch and feel continuing advancements firsthand.

3. COLLABORATION: Strength in numbers
With RadixOne, procurement professionals can interact with Accenture in a completely different way. Stakeholders share one trusted source of truth, which makes for tighter collaboration and shared ownership for achieving outcomes together. What’s especially transformational is how the solution supports co-innovation for projects in a natural way. It’s about innovating together in real-time any time, not just in scheduled events and conversations.

4. EASE: Intelligence made easy
Sometimes when solutions and tools get too intelligent, they stop being easy. It seems counterintuitive, but I’ve seen “smart” processes and interactions that are over-engineered and complicated. We wanted to solve for this with RadixOne, and making intelligence easy was another guiding principle for the development team. That’s why we designed this sophisticated platform for the lowest-common-denominator user. This way everyone can get the full value out of the solution.

Toward intelligent operations in procurement

I can’t wait to share the next generation of Radix with procurement organizations. Watch this space for more information about what’s to come with RadixOne.

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