Catherine Reich
Security Manager, Washington, D.C.
December 12, 2018

Tips for Building a Career in Cybersecurity

Catherine and her children

Catherine and her children

In today’s business landscape, the question isn’t if a cyber-attack is going to happen, it’s when. And that’s when I spring into action.

Every day, I work with clients around the globe and stand by their side during a cyber crisis. I help bring order to an otherwise very chaotic moment.

As a manager on the Accenture Security Cyber Investigation and Forensic Response Team, my goal is to ensure our clients operate in a cyber-resilient state, ready to take on and quickly recover in the face of a cyber incident.

Making the world safer
When you really want something, it can seem sometimes that the universe conspires to make it happen. This was the case with my career path to Accenture.

As a defense contractor, I developed a passion for security and making our world a safer and better place for current and future generations. To complement my on-the-job skills, I completed my master’s in cybersecurity and joined Accenture shortly thereafter.

My learning didn’t stop there.

I continue to build my technical skills at Accenture, getting familiar with SIEM tools, such as Splunk and ArcSight, and EDR tools such as Endgame and CrowdStrike. Beyond the commercial tools, our team also employs a variety of open-source technology from the Security Onion toolset as well as custom scripts.

My cyber-defense skills in action
One day-in-my-life example is when a call came in from a frantic chief technology officer at a global company, and our team jumped into action. The company had an insider threat case where a disgruntled employee was threatening to freeze operations, which would cost the company millions per day along with significant reputational damage.

Our team performed an overnight covert operation and created a capability to work remotely to enumerate their network and recover 95 percent of the “keys to the kingdom”. At the end of the day, we worked to ensure operations were not impacted and that the company could take appropriate steps to remove the inside threat.

The work is fast-paced and exciting
I work in a high-stress, fast-paced environment—it’s challenging work, but that’s what makes it great.

Every day, on every case, I see the value I bring to clients; I know our work makes a difference for them when they are facing a cyber crisis. By resolving their incidents, we help clients create a strong security posture to prepare for and defend against adversaries.

Working with Accenture has presented me with the most difficult—and best—roles I’ve ever had. The cybersecurity field will persistently challenge you in ways you can never imagine. To succeed, you must be agile, open and accept that things will change quickly in this evolving landscape.

If you’re thinking of building a career in cybersecurity, my advice is to pace yourself and embrace every opportunity. Take steps to define your path and build your personal brand. Know that every experience builds upon itself, and never stop learning.

The threat landscape changes by the second; lean on industry experts to soak up as much knowledge as you can.

Ready to make the world a safer place, partner with the world’s leading companies and do work that really makes a difference? Find an opportunity with Accenture.

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