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February 01, 2015
Accenture Technology Vision 2015
By: Michael Biltz

The digital advantage. Large and long-established companies have been making major strides to gain it. They’re reimagining and strategically transforming themselves into digital businesses using social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies. The result? A combination of internal efficiencies and external growth that is helping many enterprises to regain their role as disrupters alongside successful start-ups.

But what will business leaders do once they have achieved this digital advantage? The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 highlights the trends that will help answer this question and dictate a path forward.

This year, we see pioneering enterprises stretching their boundaries in the digital business era. They are thinking well beyond their four walls and beginning to make connections with other digital businesses, digital customers and the plethora of digital devices coming online via the Internet of Things. They are seeking to make bigger impacts and reshape whole markets. In short, they are getting ready to succeed in the “we” economy—and in the age of “digital ecosystems.”

Case in point: Home Depot is looking to shape the way people live through an emerging connected home market. The company is working with manufacturers to make sure that all of the connected home products it sells are compatible with the Wink connected home system. In doing so, Home Depot is creating its own connected home ecosystem, with a wide range of services that are easy to install.

In this way, Home Depot, as well as many other companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Samsung, are beginning to embrace the “we” economy and digital ecosystems. In the process, they are also preparing to broach even bigger challenges—ones that transcend business or industry boundaries like building smart cities, revamping outdated transportation infrastructure, addressing foot shortages, improving healthcare and more.

These are momentous tasks, which will call for new levels of collaboration across multiple players. From the Global 2000 to the burgeoning start-ups in the technology innovation network, the opportunity of tomorrow rests in the decisions these companies made today. Like never before, technology plays a critical role. The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 helps business leaders understand what to expect and how to get ahead. Specifically, it features five important IT trends that we believe are the hallmarks of digital business leaders in the future:

  • Internet of Me: Putting the end user at the center of every digital experience

  • Outcome Economy: Enabling new business models that shift from selling things to selling results

  • Platform (R)evolution: Leveraging digital platforms to build next-generation products, services and ecosystems

  • Intelligent Enterprise: Embedding software intelligence into the business for greater operational efficiency and innovation

  • Workforce Reimagined: Enabling humans to work alongside smart machines in a collaborative model that yields better results.

To find more about this year’s Accenture Technology Vision, you can read the full text, view the accompanying videos, visit our microsite, and keep checking this blog to see more in-depth discussion of these trends.

Digital trailblazers are not waiting for the right technology advances or standards. They are proactively stretching their digital boundaries, exploring the critical trends and learning how they can innovate in a broader digital ecosystem. They are also asking entirely new types of questions: How do we sell insurance in an age of driverless cars? Are we selling services, such as an electrical supply, or outcomes, such as warmth and comfort? Most importantly, together, they are bearing down on the world’s biggest problems.

So what is your company going to do with its digital advantage?

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