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September 04, 2014
The Future of Ready to Wear?
By: Erik Jacobson

Accenture has researched and explored how the Internet of Things will change the way consumers engage with the objects around them as they use the connected world to understand more about their habits and physiology through wearables.

We believe that new objects, such as the technology enhanced clothing and fashionable wearables, will create a disruptive force in the retail market which mean it will be all the more critical to adapt existing processes and business models to take advantage of a consumer’s increased mobility and connectivity. For retailers, it will no longer be about selling a single object as a one off, but providing an ongoing enhanced service which continuously and seamlessly engages with the digital consumer.

We’ve realized that one of the key inhibitors to wearable technology for the digital consumer is that wearables on the market have so far have put functionality first rather than considering the user’s desire to wear something fashionable. Taking this in mind we’ve recently teamed with a number of innovators in the fashion industry who are developing new concepts which use technology to enhance fashion, rather than leave it on the sidelines.

In a new twist on the ready-to-wear segment, we’ve teamed with CuteCircuit to develop an integrated fashion ecosystem which we have called “LifeStyld.” It uses technology to provide an innovative new service that enhances a consumer’s busy lifestyle while offering the retailer advantages with its beyond-the-point-of-sale consumer data and supply chain cost overheads. After all, a new product requires a new service, which means innovative new retail opportunities.

CuteCircuit specializes in technology-enhanced fashion in which the latest technology is seamlessly integrated into beautifully constructed high-end fashion garments. Our ecosystem Lifestyld focuses on these garments, using their patented technology to allow consumers to download the latest designs straight onto their garments in seconds. The consumer has the ability to change their style instantly, customizing their look from day to night in simply a few clicks. They can also take advantage of different price points for design wear time including ‘Rental’ and ‘Unlimited’, while the core consumer base can receive limited edition free ‘Trial’ designs which they can give feedback on via social media.

This cutting-edge solution also offers social functions as part of a wider ecosystem which allow the user to receive limited edition designs when registering to an event and the retailer to drive footfall to certain locations with iBeacons which unlock hidden designs when the consumer comes in proximity of their signal. All this functionality is managed behind the scenes by an app linked into the DigiPlug Pixie content management system which allows the retailer to distribute collections of designs around the world at various release times and prices.

CuteCircuit is opening Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York on September 4, and the LifeStyld app will be demonstrated at the end of their show. If you are interested in the LifeStyld concept and would like to find out further information about our ongoing relationship with CuteCircuit or the future of fashionable wearables then please get in touch.

Erik Jacobson—Email: erik.jacobson@accenture.comLinkedIn:; Twitter: @jacobsonerik

Jos Fry—Email: LinkedIn:

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