July 11, 2014
The Digital Dream Team: Are you a 'Mad Man' or a 'Math Man'?
By: Accenture Recruitment
Accenture Katrina

On her LinkedIn® blog, Katrina Klier, Global Managing Director Digital Marketing & Communications at Accenture, recently shared her view on the diverse mix of skills and talents needed to build an exceptional digital team. "You need people who see the world from any number of different points of view and who wake up every day curious as to what the world can and will do next," Katrina said.

Whether you're a "creative" or a "quant", Katrina describes the exciting variety of roles available for graduates pursuing careers in digital marketing. From the Creative Mastermind, to the Amplification Ninja, to the Travel Guide, she suggests that the magic--and the fun--begins when the team you're on combines these players and more.

Visit Katrina’s blog to discover which digital role you best fit, and tell us what you think

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