May 03, 2017
Technology changes everything—Especially manufacturing supply chains
By: Mark Johnson

No firm exists in isolation. In the future, manufacturers will increasingly rely on their supply chains. To remain competitive and improve their effectiveness, efficiency and environmental responsibility, manufacturers need to use new and existing product and process technologies, deploy technology-enabled services and harness the power of data analytics to future-proof their supply chains.

To achieve this goal, manufacturers need to deploy new production and process technologies to manufacture products in new ways and in new locations. Some of these changes require manufacturers to incorporate new process technologies, such as 3D printing and additive manufacturing, into their supply chains to improve design capabilities and speed to market. Other process changes revolve around the way that manufacturers do things. These changes focus on resource conservation by concentrating on the reuse and remanufacture of parts, as well as locating supply closer to production to improve responsiveness and reduce the logistics impact of long supply pipelines.

Manufacturing supply chains also need to incorporate more services so that customers have greater pre- and post-sales support. These services provide greater support for in-field products through their working lives, as well as improve the efficiency of products by users. Other services are enabled through the digital connection of the supply chain, which allows better management by providing visibility of part location and asset performance. Future-proofed manufacturing supply chains also create far more data. By identifying this data, as well as how it can be analyzed and ways to harness it, manufacturers can begin to take steps toward future-proofing their supply chains.

How can you ensure that critical supply chains are ready for the future? The Accenture Academy courses Production Technologies in Manufacturing Supply Chains, Process Technology Digitalization in Manufacturing Supply Chains, Technology-Enabled Services in Manufacturing Supply Chains and Data-Driven Decision Making in Manufacturing Supply Chains will help you identify the production and process technologies and services required to future-proof supply chains and determine ways to make data-driven decisions to maximize your firm’s competitive advantage.

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